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AyaNova Software does not divulge confidential or personal information you trust with us. We will use this information solely for the purpose of evaluating your service management software needs. To learn more about our privacy policy click here


If you have contacted us, but have not received a reply

1. Do not use a HotMail account

If you have sent an email using a HotMail account, although we may receive it and have sent a reply, you may never receive reply and we will never be advised that it was rejected by HotMail

You can also check out these two URL links about why not to use a HotMail account if you actually want to receive email from other's that do not have a HotMail account:

2. Your SPAM settings:

Your email program or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is using a spam filter that is filtering out all email from us, or certain email depending on the content.

You need to edit your email program and contact your ISP to allow all email from

Once you have done this, either forward your previous email, or send a new email stating that you did not receive a reply due possibly to a spam filter, and we will resend the information.

We are not made aware by your spam filter that the email has not been received by you. The only way is if you confirm the receipt, or contact us again.


Why pay more for software than you have to?

"I just want to say, "Thank you." Not only has AyaNova developed a robust product, with thorough documentation and wonderful support, but is staffed by great people, like you, willing to go the extra mile to support their customers. You can count on us to boast about AyaNova to everyone we meet!"
Len Quasarano - DPS Technical Services, USA

Many other service management software companies charge expensive ongoing fees for support, whereas we prefer to make our money the old fashioned way: with easy to use software that doesn't necessarily need support.

But if you do have any questions, support is handled via the Internet - through direct email, through our AyaNova Support Forum, and through the detailed documentation for each AyaNova product. We do not provide pre-sales or support via phone.

The cost savings of running a completely "wired" business from development to distribution allow us to offer our licenses at roughly 10 times less than comparable software products from other companies and as a result make our product affordable for small business which is very important to us and AyaNova users.

Responses are provided with an average response time of under 15 minutes from receipt of your support request Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm Pacific time zone (-8GMT/UTC).

Priority response is given to questions not already answered in the AyaNova Help, on this web site, or on the AyaNova Support Forum