QBOI - optional QuickBooks Online interface

Simplify importing, synchronizing and billing

Designed for all versions of QB Online

optional add-on QBOI QuickBooks Online interface for AyaNova work order software


Our optional add-on QBOI is compatible with all country versions of QuickBooks Online including:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • compatible with more than 3000 different country versions!

Our optional add-on QBOI is compatible with all version types of QB Online including:

  • Plus
  • Essentials
  • Simple Start

Try out AyaNova and our optional add-on QBOI free for 45 days today!

Easily import records

Easily drag and drop to link and/or import AyaNova and your QuickBooks Online clients, items, vendors etc


It is just an easy drag and drop to import your QB Online data into your AyaNova and/or to import your AyaNova data into your QuickBooks Online database..

You can also import your AyaNova data into your QB Online right from within your AyaNova itself!

Easily use the internal AyaNova plugin to import your AyaNova parts into your QB Online

Link existing records

If you have since migrated to QuickBooks Online from the desktop QuickBooks, you can auto-link your existing AyaNova data with your existing data in QB Online saving even more time!

Easily auto-link existing data between you AyaNova and your QuickBooks Online clients, items, vendors etc


Linking existing data is ideal when you already have same objects (clients, parts, vendors, service rates) in your AyaNova as do in your existing QuickBooks Online, as you can do so without losing their historical data as you would if you started with newly imported items.

Linking is also useful when you have multiple clients in AyaNova that represent separate locations for service but want to link them all to a single QuickBooks Online customer for single invoice billing and/or want to link your tracked inventory in AyaNova to a single non-inventory Item in your QuickBooks Online.

Refresh and synchronize

Easily synchronize changes between AyaNova and QuickBooks

Update your QuickBooks Online linked data with your edited AyaNova objects or vice versa


Let's say you have imported QuickBooks clients into AyaNova, and then at a later time, changed the client address in AyaNova - easily use the Refresh QuickBooks Record to update the QuickBooks clients with the changes in the AyaNova client record

Or another example, let's say that you have imported AyaNova parts into QuickBooks, and then at a later time, you have made changes in the part's price or cost in QuickBooks - you can easily use the Refresh AyaNova Record to update the AyaNova parts with the changes in the QuickBooks part record.

Need special pricing?

Set price differences Easily synchronize price differences between your work order program and your accounting program


No problem! With QBOI you can link and import on the fly, as well as invoice out the part at a special price given as per your AyaNova workorder.

When QBOI displays the list of workorders that are ready for invoicing, it will advise you if anything in the billable workorder does not have linked objects (i.e. the client is not linked between AyaNova and QuickBooks, etc) or if a price in QuickBooks is different than that in AyaNova so that you can conveniently change or accept it before invoicing.

Invoice billables

Invoice AyaNova service work orders into your accounting program


All billable items in an AyaNova work order can be exported into an invoice in your QuickBooks Online

This saves re-entering data manually because the data in the service workorder is directly converted to a QuickBooks Online invoice without any retyping of information

And you can easily consolidate multiple AyaNova service workorders into one QuickBooks Online invoice

Set descriptive text to display on the QuickBooks Online invoice so that your client sees details about the service performed

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