Difference between Summary and Detailed report template

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Difference between Summary and Detailed report template


When creating a new report template, some grids/entry screens will have both New summary report template and New detailed report template for selection, whereas others have only New summary report template.


Summary reports refer to reports that work with simple "flat" data sources where there is a table of data with single rows.  


Whereas a detailed report refers to a report that reports off a more complex data source where each row has one or more child rows.  


The majority of the reports in AyaNova are summary reports with detailed reports generally required for more complex inventory and work order reporting.



example from the Preventive Maintenance grid



example from the Units grid




A summary report template is different from a detailed report template


Summary report template in the report designer:


Able to create a new summary report using the Report Wizard from the Properties tab

ReportWizard1 ReportWizard2



Only one dataset displays in the Fields tab that when expanded shows the exact same fields as the columns that show for that grid

ReportSummary1       ReportSummary2




Detailed report template in the report designer:


In the Fields tab, when you expand the dataset WorkorderHeader, you will see that there are sub-datasets WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem, and under that WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor, WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart and WorkorderItemWorkorderItemScheduledUser






Due to the sub-datasets, a Wizard for making report templates is not available for Detailed type report templates.