More report template examples on the AyaNova Support Forum

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More report template examples on the AyaNova Support Forum

Providing report template design support is outside of our AyaNova free support.


We have gladly provided many tutorials in this Help documentation to get you going, as well as many additional examples on our AyaNova Support Forum


Some of the examples may include screenshots from an older version of the report template designer, but are very easy to relate to the latest version.



If you are interested in having a custom report template created for you, provide the following information sent directly to


a mockup of the report you would like (in Word, Excel, PDF)  or existing report template exported to file from AyaNova that you want further customized.


identify from what AyaNova entry screen or grid this report is for (from Service Workorder entry screen, from Client entry screen, from Labor grid in Service navigation pane, etc)


identify in red font  in the mockup the datafields that correspond with fields of that AyaNova entry screen


if report will use logos or images, be sure to provide also attached to your email


any additional information that would be relevant that will help us understand how the report will look and act with actual data and how it will react based on the data.