What is the AyaNova Data Portal?

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What is the AyaNova Data Portal?

The AyaNova Data Portal is a web server application useful for remote users with a windows computer and full time internet connection.




The AyaNova Data Portal allows remote users to run the exact same full AyaNova program as those within the local area network.



So instead of connecting directly to the database server, the remote users connect to the Data Portal which then connects to the database server.


This difference in connection for a user connecting via the data portal is via the config.txt configuration file on the remote users computer as per the Data Portal configuration steps.



The advantage of the Data Portal is security and relative speed over a slow connection such as a VPN or via the internet while still being able to use the full AyaNova program. The Data Portal has been specifically optimized for the slower connection speed of a remote user.


Although the Data Portal has been optimized for use with slower connection speeds,  how fast the response is to retrieve data (i.e. printing a report, opening a workorder entry screen, filtering a grid, etc) will be affected by the connection speed between the remote user and the Data Portal.



The AyaNova Data Portal requires that AyaNova be configured for network use first.


Do note that you can have AyaNova configured for network use on one computer only so that you can remote access through the Data Portal to your AyaNova data while out of your office.






1.The network configuration ( Firebird server installation or SQL Express or SQL Server) must be performed before following the Data Portal configuration steps.


2.Confirm that you can connect to the networked AyaNova database from a local networked connected computer


3.Server where the Data Portal will be installed has IIS installed before the data portal installation, configuration and testing steps


4.Server where the Data Portal will be installed has confirmed that AyaNova runs successfully on it, and connects to the networked database (i.e. the Data Portal can be installed on the same server where the database actually resides, OR it can be installed to another computer that can access the AyaNova database through a networked config.txt)


5.Your router/firewall has a static external IP address (you can not use a dynamic IP address as that means it constantly changes, and therefore your remote users won't be able to connect as won't know what IP address to use)


6.Your router/firewall configured for port forwarding for the IIS computer.


7.High-speed internet / network connection between remote user and network where database resides