Which database server should I use?

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Which database server should I use?

You have three choices for database server in a networked AyaNova configuration:


Firebird Server 2.1.1 or newer

SQL Express 2005 or higher

SQL Server 2005 or higher


Note that we provide a utility so that your data can be converted from Firebird to Microsoft SQL server (but not the other way around) so you can start with Firebird and later move to the Microsoft SQL server platform; we do not provide a utility to go back to Firebird from an MS SQL server platform.


In general, we recommend you start with the Firebird server and move up from there if performance is an issue.  



Firebird pros


Far less resource intensive than SQL Express or full Microsoft SQL server, can be run on older more limited hardware

Easiest to install

Good for small to medium sized offices with a tight budget for both equipment and software

Long history going back many years to when it was originally a Borland product (InterBase)

Rock solid and used widely in corporate and other critical environments

Open source product if that is important to you

Easily converted to a Microsoft SQL server platform down the road using our free "ToMSSQL" utility if required

Paid for support is available from IBPhoenix.  It is extremely unlikely you will need support, we provide all the information you require for use with AyaNova.


Firebird cons

Not as fast as Microsoft SQL on identical hardware under appropriate loads

If you will enter a large amount of data (i.e. have a large number of parts, clients, etc) will be much slower than SQL

If will be utilizing any of the remote access options (Data Portal, WBI and/or MBI) it is recommended for speed to use SQL Express or SQL Server


If your computer(s) is 64bit, the optional add-on OLI is not compatible with Firebird. If your computer(s) is 64bit, you must be configured for use with SQL Express or Server. Note - this is only if 64bit and only if you also want to use the optional add-on OLI




Our network Firebird installation and configuration guide will show you how to obtain and use Firebird with AyaNova.



Microsoft SQL Express 2005 or newer


AyaNova is optimized for use with SQL


Less resource intensive than full Microsoft SQL Server

Appropriate for small offices with smaller databases

Can easily be up sized to full paid for SQL Server down the road


Consumes a lot more memory and resources than Firebird server, requires more powerful equipment

Unsupported by Microsoft

Limited to a single processor

Limited to 1gb of ram

Limited management tools compared to full Microsoft SQL Server


Our network SQL Express configuration guide will show you how to obtain and use SQL Express with AyaNova.



Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or newer (Paid for version)


AyaNova is optimized for use with SQL

Very high performance

Unlimited scalability for large corporate and enterprise users

Good for multiple database situations

Excellent suite of management tools

Full support from Microsoft available



Requires modern high performance multi CPU hardware and a *lot* of memory to get the most out of it

Requires knowledgeable installation and configuration and some ongoing administration


Our SQL Server configuration guide will show you how to use your existing SQL Server platform with AyaNova