How to automatically link existing data

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How to automatically link existing data


An example of the situation when  you would use the automatic link (map) feature of QBI is:


1.You previously used a really old version QBI v1.2.2.0 with AyaNova CE

But you have now upgraded to the latest AyaNova

You have imported your AyaNova CE data into the latest AyaNova

Now you need to link the previously imported and linked AyaNova data to that of your QuickBooks company data file again for use with QBI.


2. You have manually entered in clients, parts, rates, vendors with the same name/number into your AyaNova database as that in your QuickBooks

Automatic linking will compare names of each object and link that which it most believes is correct.



The automatic link does not update information from one object to the other - it links the two objects only.


The automatic link feature compares the QuickBooks object name to that of a corresponding AyaNova object.


The automatic link does not compare other fields of information for the object - only the name.




The fields that are compared during Auto-Link


The automatic link feature will compare the following field of data between the two objects and than automatically link if they are the same:


QuickBooks customer entry        AyaNova client entry

 Company Name                        Client Name


QuickBooks vendor entry        AyaNova vendor entry

 Vendor Name                        Vendor Name


QuickBooks Item entry                AyaNova Part entry

 Item Name/Number                Part Number


QuickBooks Item entry                AyaNova Rate entry

 Item Name/Number                Rate Name




To automatically link AyaNova objects with QuickBooks objects of the same name is just selecting the Auto Link menu option:


1.If not already viewing the Map & Import screen select the menu Tools -> Map & Import from the QBI main screen



2.Select what type of object you wish to map & import by selecting the menu Object <In the following screenshot we have selected to map & import Clients>



3. Select the menu option Auto Link



4. AyaNova objects now linked will display the link symbol link1



NOTE: QBI only obtains QuickBooks and AyaNova information when QBI first loads - so if you enter new information into either QuickBooks with QBI running - QBI will not be aware of it unless you refresh the connections.


1. Select to Refresh QuickBooks connection from the main AyaNova window


2. From within QBI, select Refresh QuickBooks connection


3. If not seeing AyaNova service workorders that are ready for invoicing, from QBI's Invoices menu select Refresh invoices


4. Exit out of QBI, exit out of AyaNova. Log back into AyaNova and start QBI again.