What happens when QBI invoices?

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What happens when QBI invoices?


1. QBI display screen:


The listed clients and their billable workorders will no longer display in the list as they have now been invoiced



2. In the QuickBooks invoice:


Workorder header descriptive text (if applicable) is placed before any charges

Billable items for that service workorder are than listed

Parts are listed first, than Service, than Travel, than Expenses, Loans and Outside Service charges.

If multiple workorder items with the same parts or labor etc, all billable items are billed out individually.

For example, if billed out the same labor rate in multiple workorder items in the same workorder, each billable amount per labor item is listed separately

Additional Descriptive Text set in QBI is than listed for that service workorder (if set to use Descriptive Text)

If multiple workorders billed on the same invoice, than the next workorder billable information is listed starting with workorder header descriptive text if applicable and so on as above



3. In the AyaNova service workorder:


AyaNova service workorder(s) have the following fields updated

Workorder Status in the workorder header area is updated to the status set in Preferences for Post billing workorder status

The Invoice #: field is filled with the QuickBooks invoice number

If the Preference "Close Workorder After Invoicing" has been check-marked, the AyaNova service workorder is set to the Closed state and can no longer be edited by any user