Export To XLS installation

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Export To XLS installation


Export to XLS plug-in installation:



1. Confirm your Export To XLS requirements


2. Download the Export to XLS setup file from the Download web page and install to the computer where you want to use the ExportToXLS plugin


The Export to XLS plug-in files will be installed to this computer in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova\plugins\ExportToXls folder


3. The Export to XLS plug-in is available from the following grid menu's once installed to the computer it will be run on:


All Service navigation pane grids

All Quote navigation pane grids

All Preventive Maintenance navigation pane grids

All Client navigation pane grids

Vendor grid

Memos grid

All Inventory navigation pane grids

Note that serial numbers for a specific part are all imported in one field with a carriage return between