How to Export to XLS

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How to Export to XLS


The Export to XLS plug in allows you to easily export record data to an XLS file for additional business analysis, import into other software, etc



How to export to an XLS file:


1.Install as per the installation instructions


2.View the grid you want to export from

If you want all records from this grid that are displaying, no need to select anything

If you want specific records, you can use your mouse and the CRTL key on your keyboard to select the specific records


Or you can filter to display specific records. Refer to the Filtering a grid section of this Help file for details on filtering


3.Select the ExportToXLS plug-in menu and select Export to XLs

ExportToXLS2 ExportToXLS2b


4.Accept the file name or edit as desired with the xls extension to a folder, and Save



5.The file will be saved to the folder you specified. You can open with Excel 97 or newer, OpenOffice Calc or any other program that can read Excel 97 files



The sort order of the records does follow that from your AyaNova grid. In the example screenshot above, workorder 63 was listed before workorder 71, so is in that order in the exported file

The column order does not follow the grid column order the AyaNova user is viewing so as to ensure every export is consistent in case the user has formulas etc that rely on column order.


It is encouraged that you export to an XLS file and view so that you can see the columns that are exported and their column order.