Part Categories

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Part Categories

What’s it for:


Part categories are used to group similar parts together.


An example would be to group all bike components together if you are a sporting service store.


If you use Part Categories, you may want to set the Global Settings - part name format  to display drop down selection lists based on the category name.


You could also localize this subgrid to use for other grouping purposes. Refer to the section on Localization for details.


Use of Part Categories is optional in AyaNova.



Where to access the Part Categories subgrid:


from the SubGrids menu bar





from the Part entry screen jump button for Part Category




Where selected and used:


selected within the Part entry screen

displays as a column in the Part grid and the Part Inventory grid

displays in the Part name if set in Global Settings - part display name

available in reports from the Part grid


You will note that the categories listed in the trial AyaNova are for a fictional computer service company. You are not restricted to using only these categories.



Security Group internal object: Object.PartCategory


Forbidden: User of that security group can not access the Part Categories subgrid at all
Read Only: User can view the Part Categories subgrid but can not edit
Read/Write: User can access the Part Categories subgrid, view and edit

Read/Write/Delete: User can access the Part Categories subgrid, view and edit and delete