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Receive a pop-up if you have subscribed to a notification subscription, and told it to use the delivery method of Pop-up.


Below is an example of how a pop-up works:


A. Hank has subscribed to be notified via Pop-Up when a new schedule marker is created for him.


Popup5   Popup6



B. The Generator (either internal if running stand-alone default installation or the network Generator service if running a network AyaNova configuration) will poll the database approximately every five minutes to see if there is an "event" it should notified a subscribed user about.


When it polls, and sees that the user has subscribed with a notification delivery method of Pop-Up Message Box, that user will be sent a Popup message.


C.  Hank will receive in the lower right-hand corner of his computer screen a popup when the notification occurs that will fade.




D. And he can open and view his Popups at any time from the main menu of his AyaNova




E. Select the Source to open what the event is about. In the screenshot below, the event that Hank is being notified about is that a Schedule Marker has been created. So if he clicks on the ScheduleMarker under the Source column,  that Schedule Marker screen will open for him.




F. You can also resize the row to read information directly from the Popup grid using your mouse on the row selector.




G. Delete the popup row if you no longer want the popup to show






Review Notifications for more details



NOTE: Even if the AyaNova Administrator subscribes to a delivery method of Popup, the AyaNova Administrator does not receive popups. The AyaNova Administrator user is meant to be used only for administrative functions - not ongoing day to day use.


NOTE: If experience the issue of not receiving popups, and your computer/LAN has a firewall, do set an exception for your AyaNova program folder and for the executable AyaNova.exe