Report Templates

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Report Templates


AyaNova includes many sample report templates from the detailed report showing billable amounts to send  to your client in the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total available from the Service Workorder and the Inventory Reconciliation Form report from the Parts Inventory grid.




You can customize any report template such as adding additional data to display, changing font size, moving fields around, including your own logo - so much you can do.


Follow along with the tutorial How to put my company logo on a report? as well as the other tutorials that will walk you through using the Report Template Designer


You can also create your own report templates!


Follow along with the tutorial How to create a report template using the Wizard?


Also check out additional report template tutorials and examples on our AyaNova Support Forum


You can also set who can restrict access to certain report templates by specifying which security group can only access that report template or restrict access to only users of a certain region.