Restoring for AyaNova SQL configuration

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Restoring for AyaNova SQL configuration

Restore for SQL Express or SQL Server


The restore steps you perform depend on what the situation is - whether you are just restoring the AyaNova database, or whether you are restoring to a new computer (i.e. moving to a new computer or new hard drive, or the original has been replaced)


Situation #1: The AyaNova program is still installed on the server and so is SQL, but an issue with the database requires restoring from backup:


1. Restore the SQL database using the restore steps of your SQL approved backup program.


For example, if have used SQL Server Management Express for backup, you would delete the existing AyaNova database that has an issue with it (as never ever want to restore overtop of an existing), and then to restore just right-click on Databases and select Restore Database... and it will lead you through selecting the backup file to restore etc.  Refer to your SQL Express Help for steps.



Situation #2: Server has no previous AyaNova installation nor AyaNova database or SQL configuration:


1.Perform the steps 1 through 4 only of SQL network configuration - for SQL Express or SQL Server

ensure network TCPIP communication through your network

install stand-alone AyaNova trial to the server

install and configure SQL

set exceptions in server's firewall for SQL


2.Log in to the trial AyaNova database and ensure program installation successful

3.Close out of the trial AyaNova database

4.Restore your SQL database as per your SQL approved backup program

5.Now perform Step #6 of of the SQL network configuration to set the config.txt file so connect to the SQL server accessing this newly restored  SQL database via the AyaNova program

6. If there are networked computers that were previously connected, you can just replace their config.txt file with the new config.txt file from the server, otherwise perform Step #7 of the SQL network configuration steps to configure networked computers.