Step #1: RI Installation

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Step #1: RI Installation


It is always recommend to read through all instructions first before proceeding.



A. IIS (Internet Information Services) is installed on the computer you want to run RI on

B. AyaNova is networked and is the latest version

C. AyaNova is installed on this computer and successfully runs

D. Run the AyaNovaRI setup file to install RI




A. Is IIS (Internet Information Services) installed on the computer you want to run RI on?


Install IIS by going to Add/Remove Windows Components and follow the on-screen instructions to install or add components to IIS if not already installed.


Once installed, run Windows Updates again and apply all recommended updates

Reboot again and check Windows Updates again, before proceeding with the installation.



Below is example screenshot of what specific Internet Information Service features are to be checkmarked on a Windows 7 64bit operating system. If not sure how to add Windows Components on your operating system, do a search online including your operating system version.







B. Confirm that your AyaNova is networked and is the latest version.


• AyaNova must be networked using either Firebird Server, SQL Express or SQL Server. RI will not run correctly if using the default stand-alone installation of AyaNova database.

• The recommendation is to use SQL (either SQL Express or SQL Server) if will be using any remote access options for best speed results.

• Refer to the AyaNova Help documentation section on networking AyaNova if you have not yet done so.




C. AyaNova is installed on to this computer and successfully runs


Run AyaNova. Log in. Make sure you can log in successfully, and are connecting to your networked AyaNova database.



D. Download and run the RI setup file


a. Download the RI installation file AyaNovaRISetup.exe from to the local hard drive of the computer where you will be installing.



b. Run the AyaNovaRISetup.exe file to begin the installation, read all messages and select Next where indicated until installation is complete


c. By default, RI will be installed to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNovaRI on a 64bit computer or  C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNovaRI on a 32bit computer



d. Once installation is complete, continue with configuration and testing



If you encounter any errors or issues refer to RI Server Common Issues