AyaNova vendors data imported into QuickBooks

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AyaNova vendors data imported into QuickBooks

The following identifies the information that is imported into the QuickBooks vendor from an AyaNova vendor:


If the information is not listed here, than it does not get imported.


NOTE the following:


As an AyaNova vendor is one of five set types, whereas QuickBooks you can create as many types as you wish - the QuickBooks vendor type is not set when the AyaNova vendor is imported.


QuickBooks Contact: field is limited to 41 characters. If the AyaNova Contact: field has text that is more than 41 characters, it will be truncated in the QuickBooks Contact: field



The fields of data that are imported from an AyaNova Vendor object to a QuickBooks Vendor object are:


 AyaNova vendor                QuickBooks vendor


1        Vendor Name                Vendor Name                                

2.        Contact                        Contact

3.        Business                        Phone                                        

4.        Fax                                Fax                                        

5.        Home                                Alt. Ph.

6.        Email                                Email

7.        Postal Address                Address

8.        Account Number                Account No.



AyaNova vendor fields identified:





QuickBooks vendor field identified: