QuickBooks customers data that is imported into AyaNova

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QuickBooks customers data that is imported into AyaNova

The following identifies the information that is imported into the AyaNova client from a QuickBooks customer :


If the information is not listed here, it does not get imported from the AyaNova client via QBI into a QuickBooks customer.


Note the following:


As QBI can not identify if the first line of what is in the Address field (#7 below) has the client's company name in it or not - therefore all lines from the Address field in a QuickBooks client company record is imported into the Street field of an AyaNova client record.

QuickBooks Tax Codes are not importable into AyaNova.  An invoice in QuickBooks created by QBI uses the tax codes set up for the QuickBooks object (i.e. client) - QBI does not transfer or do anything with the tax code selected in the AyaNova service workorder.



The fields of data that are imported from a QuickBooks Customer object to an AyaNova Client object are:


 QuickBooks customer                AyaNova client


1        Company Name                        Client Name                                

2        Contact                                Contact

3        Phone                                        Business

4        Fax                                        Fax

5        Alt. Ph                                Home

6.        Email                                        Email

7.        Bill To                                        Postal Address

8.        Ship To                                Physical Address


9.        Account No.                                Account Number


11        Address                                Street

12        City                                        City

13        Province/State                        State or Province

14        Postal Code / Zip                        Postal / Zip Code

15        Country / Region                        Country




QuickBooks client fields identified:









AyaNova client fields identified: