What is Mapping (linking)?

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What is Mapping (linking)?


Mapping existing data is when you have the object already entered in both AyaNova and QuickBooks, so you wish to link or map the two objects together without actually changing the data in either database.


NOTE: Mapping objects does not update information from one object to the other - it only links the  existing QuickBooks object to the existing AyaNova object. If you want to update the data of one with the data of the other, refer to Update Mapped/Imported Parts and/or Update Mapped/Imported Clients


If the clients are not mapped, QBI will not know which QuickBooks customer is  to be invoiced for the AyaNova service workorder; or which QuickBooks items are to be invoiced out for the AyaNova parts and rates on the service workorder.


If the QuickBooks vendors are not mapped (linked) to AyaNova vendors, imported or linked parts will not have the corresponding linked QuickBooks vendor to the AyaNova wholesaler.


If the QuickBooks parts are not mapped (linked)  to AyaNova parts, QBI will not know what QuickBooks Item to invoice out for the part on the AyaNova service workorder.


If the QuickBooks rates are not mapped (linked) to AyaNova rates, QBI will not know what QuickBooks Item to invoice out for the rate on the AyaNova service workorder.



Examples of situations when  you would use the manual  link feature of QBI is:


1.Existing clients in AyaNova are actually billed to a head office that is entered in QuickBooks

So you would want multiple AyaNova clients mapped (linked) linked to one QuickBooks customer (which is the one office that all these AyaNova clients get their invoices sent to).


2.You have manually entered some data in AyaNova that may not have the exact same name as the name in QuickBooks

So the automatic link Auto-Link feature would not work


3.You want full control over what existing AyaNova data is linked to what existing data in QuickBooks

So you want to manually map (link) each QuickBooks object to each AyaNova object