Features In AyaNova Not Available via WBI

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Features In AyaNova Not Available via WBI


Do refer to the AyaNova Help file for AyaNova's features.  We only list below differences between the main AyaNova Windows program grids and WBI grids:


The WBI functionality is intended to support the needs of out of office technicians and clients to request service.  


We have made every effort to ensure that AyaNova WBI is as easy to use and similar as possible, however due to the nature of web applications and technology there are some differences that are inevitable and out of our control.  If a *completed* form in WBI does not operate exactly as it does in AyaNova for Windows or is missing certain features or they operate differently this is a result of what is possible with the current state of the art technology we are working with.  


The following are features that are available in the latest full AyaNova Windows program that are not presently available in WBI - these are not listed in any particular order.


If you have a specific need for one or more of these features, we may already have it on our AyaNova Support Forum's Wish List section; if not, do contact us with your suggestion, ensuring to provide one or more examples of how and why it would be used and useful.



Due to the nature of a web application, when you make changes in an entry screen, then save and return to the grid, you will need to select the Refresh menu option as WBI does not know to automatically check for new data unless you tell it to by selecting the Refresh menu option.


For this same reason, WBI does not automatically determine the difference between Start Date/Time and Stop Date/Time  when creating a new labor record in a service workorder


For this same reason, WBI will not advise you there is an existing of the same if you enter in a new client name, or new part number, or new unit serial number.


Drop down fields in AyaNova use a "get more" button rather than automatically listing all potential selections - this way only the existing selected data displays in the specific field when you load an entry screen, which speeds up loading of that entry screen.    And if the user wishes to select something for a drop down field they would use the "get more" button as outlined in Selecting via a Combo Drop Down Box


Customizing or creating new report templates is not available via WBI


Creation, editing, deletion of Filter Drop List views - create saved filter lists via the full AyaNova program so the saved list selections are available when logged in via WBI.


Sorting, pinning, filtering of grids and sub-grids and setting what columns in a grid shows - the layout of columns (sort order, pinned, viewable columns selection) are those used by the WBI user when last logged into the main AyaNova program.


Schedule screen is for viewing for one schedulable user - therefore Schedulable User Groups creation and editing is not be available.


Creation of parts is not available via WBI


Part Inventory grid, Purchase Order entry screen, Purchase Order Receipts entry screen and Part Adjustments entry screen are not accessible via WBI. If you wish to view the On Hand amount in a particular warehouse for a part while remote from your office, open that part's entry screen via WBI  to view a read-only display of what is On Hand, etc


Administration navigation pane features of the AyaNova program are not available via WBI. All administrative functions should be performed from the main AyaNova program. In keeping with this, Rates, Tax Codes, Contracts, Vendors, Parts, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Receipts, and Part Adjustments are created via the main AyaNova program only. Do note that you can view the text of what is set for Parts, Rates and Contracts


Some workorder entry menu items are not available such as Copy Workorder Item to Workorder and Move Workorder Item to Workorder menu option


Creation of new Task Groups and Tasks are not a feature of WBI.


Popups of notifications for the user are not a feature of WBI.


Subscribing to notifications and viewing the Notifications Subscription Log (last 7 days) is not a feature of WBI. Note that your subscriptions set up via the desktop AyaNova program will continue to be implemented, as are saved within your AyaNova database even if you are not able to view via WBI.