User Certifications

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User Certifications

What’s it for:


User Certifications identify and track possible professional certifications that a user may have that will determine if they have the abilities to perform certain service and/or be assigned to certain Schedulable User Groups.


Use of User Certifications is optional in AyaNova



How to access the User Certifications subgrid:


accessed from the SubGrids menu bar in the main navigation pane menu bar


accessible via the jump button within the User Certification subgrid in a User entry screen





Where selected:


within the User entry screen


within the Schedulable User Group entry screen for the Schedule screen



Security Group internal object: Object.UserCertification

Forbidden: User of that security group can not access the User Certifications subgrid at all
Read Only: User can view the User Certifications subgrid but can not edit it.
Read/Write: User can access the User Certifications subgrid, view and edit

Read/Write/Delete: User can access the User Certifications subgrid, view and edit and delete



If a user of that security group will be assigned a User Certification, you must have Object.UserCertificationAssigned set to minimum Read Only.

Otherwise when the user tries to log into AyaNova, will get the following error:

Error: Current user not authorized to open a UserCertificationAssigned record