Navigation menu for RI

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Navigation menu for RI



RI's navigation menu provides access to the Dasboard, Schedule, Recent..., Search, who is logged in, Memos, Override timezone and Logout options:



RIAlogo   Selecting this at any time will return you to your Dashboard



RISchedulemenu  Selecting the Schedule navigation menu option at any time will move you to the graphical Schedule screen

Below is an example of access Schedule when using a smaller screen device with RI:





RIRecentmenu  Selecting Recent at any time will display a list of most recently accessed records by your user account



RISearchoverview Enter wildcard searches or your workorder number to quickly bring up Search results to get to the record you need!


RICogoverview Select the cog RIcogsmall symbol to drop down access to your Memos, Override timezone, to Log out and for RI Help.


Below is an example of accessing the cog when using a smaller screen device: