About AyaNova

What does AyaNova mean? And how did AyaNova come about?

What does "AyaNova" mean?

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It's not as mysterious as you might think: When we needed to apply for a legal trademark for our customer service software we had to use a unique word that would not conflict with anyone else's trademark.

Being the computer geeks that we are, we wrote a program that generated millions of pronounceable words out of 8 random letters or less, and then checked to see if used elsewhere.

Likely words were then short listed for us. We thought AyaNova sounded "cool" and it stuck. We pronounce it A-ya-nova (like Fonzie would say it), but that's just us.

How did AyaNova come about?

Latest AyaNova includes many more features using the latest development tools

AyaNova® grew out of our own internal work order and customer service software application which we had developed for our own use in our company's repair shop and field service division when we found that there was no suitable customer service software available on the market that was affordable to us as a (then) small computer customer service business.

Our needs were just as complex as they are for larger businesses: we needed to dispatch technicians generate computerized work orders, control our service expenses, track our customers and how many billable hours, parts and third party service expenses we were providing to them; however there was nothing affordable that addressed all the needs of a busy service and repair shop.

old AyaNova 1.9 Schedule screen

We built our own work order and customer service software originally in 1995 and continued to improve it over the years adding features like preventative maintenance scheduling, service and repair scheduling customer equipment database and tracking, special project management, customizable work orders for different departments, searchable knowledgebase, integration with QuickBooks, remote access via a web browser so that remote technicians could enter work orders search the database, check their dispatch schedule and much more.

We realized that what worked for us just might be useful to others and so we put all our knowledge and experience gained working one on one with regular computer users on a daily basis both in our custom software development and computer service divisions into our customer service software program and published it publicly and trademarked it shortly after 2000.

AyaNova® customer service software has since become popular way beyond our expectations with excellent sales globally and now many lesser imitators.

From the start we decided that even though we were publishing customer service software to the whole world we would use a fresh approach to customer service software design using the same highly successful methods learned through years of building custom software much of it for service related industries.

We believe in giving people what they actually need, not what we think they need and we continue to encourage our customers to give us feedback on every aspect of the program. Over time we have "grown" AyaNova® into a complete work order and customer service software application with hundreds of truly useful and unique features suggested by people "in the trenches" of service management from around the world.

As we continue to grow our philosophy remains the same: highest quality, easy to use repair shop / work order / customer service software served up with personal service at an affordable price.

Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc., Box 445 Horsefly, BC V0L 1L0 Canada
Since 1999 AyaNova® is a registered trademark of Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc. in the United States and other countries.
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