Optional add-ons for AyaNova & AyaNova Lite

Extend your desktop AyaNova existing features with more options

  • OLI (Outlook interface) |
  • OutlookScheduleExport |
  • Quick Notification |
  • ImportExportCSV & Duplicate |
  • ExportToXLS |
  • Client Merger |
  • AyaScript

OLI (Outlook interface) option

Generate an AyaNova service work order directly from within Outlook itself


With the optional add-on OLI(Outlook interface), right from within your Outlook:

  • Generate an AyaNova service workorder and/or schedule marker from an Outlook email.
  • Import AyaNova clients/vendors/head offices into Outlook as contacts.
  • Export Outlook contacts into AyaNova as either clients vendors or head offices.
  • Import your AyaNova scheduled items into Outlook calender.

OLI is available for a subscription license fee of only US$99.00 for your AyaNova database.

Outlook Schedule Export option

Example image of AyaNova scheduled items imported into your OutlookCalendar


With the optional add-on OutlookScheduleExport , from within your AyaNova desktop program:

  • Import your AyaNova scheduled items into your Outlook calender.

OutlookSchedule is available for a subscription license fee of only US$19.00 for your AyaNova database.

Quick Notification option

Example image of sending a quick notification to AyaNova users


Send a quick message to any of your AyaNova users using the optional add-on Quick Notification, received via the receiptent's email, text, or AyaNova internal memo.

Quick Notification is available for a subscription license fee of only US$19.00 for your AyaNova database.

ImportExportCSV & Duplicate option

Example image opening csv file to import into AyaNova

Use the no charge ImportExportCSV utility for mass importing or exporting new client records, new part records and new unit records into or out of AyaNova using a CSV text file format.

Example image of selecting what field to import into which field in AyaNova

Update existing records using the ImportExportCSV Duplicate optional add-on.

The optional add-on Duplicate for ImportExportCSV is available for a subscription license fee of only US$19.00 for your AyaNova database.

ExportToXLS & Client Merger options

Example image of xls file made from exporting service workorder records to XLS


Easily export record data to an xls file for additional business analysis, import into other software, etc.

The optional add-on ExportToXLS is available for a flat license fee of only US$19.00 for your AyaNova database.


transfer records from one client to another


Easily "merge" clients - transfer workorders, quotes, etc from one client to another.

Our Client Merger is available at no charge, and is installed automatically for use by AyaNova administrators.


Example image of AyaScript coding


AyaScript provides an editor and runtime environment to develop and execute your own c# code using the AyaNova API and any other resources of the .net framework.

With AyaScript, you can quickly create useful utilities or Add-on's without having to build a full AyaNova plugin or stand alone application and your end users can execute the script from within the AyaNova program without any programming knowledge

Example image of results of AyaScript coding


Our AyaScript option is available at no charge!

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