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Release Date: November 29 2022

AyaNova 7.6 patch 18

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 18

case 4323 - Update to latest 3rd party email component used by Generator service to deliver notifications via SMTP (applies only to the desktop program installation, not optional add-ons)


Release Date: Aug 27 2022

AyaNova 7.6 patch 17

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 17

case 4180 - Addresses potential issue with Generator service failing to deliver notifications via SMTP (email) due to bare linefeed issue (applies only to the desktop program installation, not optional add-ons)


Release Date: Oct 26 2021

Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 14

case 4017 - Addressed issue with Generator failing to deliver notifications via SMTP in TLS mode when mail server enforces TLS 1.2 or newer ( i.e. Office365) (applies only to the desktop program installation, not optional add-ons)


Release Date: May 5 2021

Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 8

case 3892 - Fixed a bug in schedule day view where it was possible to scroll (down) beyond the 24 hours of the day being viewed causing secondary issues as a result. (Reminder: if need to see scheduled items spanning 2 or more days in the *day* view, click on the first day in the mini calendar in the left navigation pane and drag to select as many days as need to view at once)


Release Date: May 5 2021

Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 7

Case 3875 - update to license fetching process. This update is required to be able to fetch your license key.


Release Date: Dec 11 2020/Jan 12 2021

Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 6

case 3759 - Some users experiencing error after selecting "Show All" option in forms. Potential workaround to eliminate error.

As of Jan 12 2021 will not install V8Migrate folder and files, as well removes existing V8Migrate folder/files if previously installed. This prevents the cosmetic error some computers were experiencing related to the files of the V8Migrate folder.


Release Date: October 19 2020

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 10 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3829 - In some cases Client notification messages were triggering an internal exception upon delivery attempt due to an out of bounds array access.


Release Date: October 16 2020

Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 5

case 3823 - Issue: Windows AyaNova search result of Client Note opens Client, not the client note. Fix: in Windows client will now open Client then notes, then reveal the exact note by scrolling row into view, highlighting and if user has edit rights expands the notes for immediate viewing. Note that this change will not be done in the remote Clients (RI, WBI) at this time due to potential for breaking changes and as v8 release will make this issue redundant.

case 3815 - Issue: Windows AyaNova grid row count defaults issue causing potential unnecessary delays / potential timeouts. Fix: Upon fresh login all grids will default to 100 rows initially. Changes *during* user session will be "sticky" as before.


GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 8 (Affects all interfaces)

3827 - Issue: Stale Client notifications could build up in database. Fix: Stale Client notifications automatically removed (only when a new one is added) if their deliver after date is older than 7 days.

3826 - Issue: System warning memos to Administrator automatically by internal Utility account (generator) un-readable due to being sent from a Utility type User account with no name triggering an exception error. Fixes: New memo warnings will be automatically changed from Utility user to Administrator account. Old memos: will substitute the "-" empty record symbol instead of trying to fetch the name to display for the Utility account making it possible to open old Memo system warnings.


Release Date: August 17 2020

Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 4

case 3816 - Administrator account could be locked out if SQL server errors displaying last view


GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 7 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3808 - Potential Client notification duplicate deliveries. Ensures no duplicate notifications in batch email and logs more details about delivery to assist troubleshooting.


Release Date: May 11 2020

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 5 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3759 - Intermittent / rare error after selecting "Show All" option in forms. Expanded error reporting around ShowAll to aid troubleshooting.


Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 3

case 3750 - Error / unable to add Assigned Document to Contract object

case 3751 - Potential error / crash opening Assigned Documents list for any object when a linked file no longer exists in file system


All plugins (No version change)

case 3754 - minor cosmetic change to make About information reported by each plugin more readable / concise in tech support information.


V8 Export plugin 7.6.1-alpha.8

case 3761 - Further additions of V8 Export plugin for early testing purposes only for future AyaNova 7 to AyaNova 8 migration


Release Date: April 2 2020

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 4 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3738 - PO Items could remain not deleted when PO closed with none received

case 3739 - PO Item quantity ordered sometimes not set correctly when PO is partially received, then closed

case 3740 - Database schema update to repair inventory related values due to prior issues fixed by cases 3738 and 3739

(Re-set inventory on order, on order committed, remove orphaned po items that are status closed_none_received, re-set qty ordered on po items that are status closed_partially_received)


Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 2

case 3736 - All main object edit forms except workorder would not prompt user to save before printing report which could result in stale values on report


Release Date: March 31 2020

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 2 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3734 - fix for unhandled exception error during search when search index object id stale

Release Date: March 10 2020

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 patch 1 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3731 - Unit list Receipt column was not filterable in main grid


AyaNova QBI 7.6 patch 3

case 3717 - Improved error reporting if issue during map/link with more details.

case 3718 - Mapping / linking large lists could overwhelm sql server, improved speed and efficiency .


Windows AyaNova 7.6 patch 1

case 3716 - Client entry form Active checkbox was too wide, could cause unintentional change.


Datadump AyaNova 7.6 patch 1

Various changes to synchronize export format from AyaNova 7 with ongoing work in AyaNova version 8.


Release Date: October 29 2019

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.6 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3712 - Internal change to support QBOI oAuth2 new login process

case 3701 - Setting an existing, Active client to Inactive and saving that Client will now also cause any PM's for that Client to be set to Inactive. In addition the PM processor has been changed to no longer process PM's into Workorders for Inactive Clients.

case 3700 - Workorder preventive maintenance item list was erroneously displaying the "Service completed" column.


AyaNova PTI 7.6

case 3714 - Added support for SAGE 50 2020


AyaNova QBOI 7.6

case 3671 - Due to breaking change by Intuit / QuickBooks online authentication system to oAuth 2 (which also indirectly drops support for desktop applications signing on to QuickBooks Online): Created new web application hosted on to act as a go between to allow desktop QBOI initial authentication to QuickBooks online API. Extensive modifications of QBOI to use web app to initiate authentication and continue to work with QuickBooks online authentication changes.


Release Date: Feb 15 2019

GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.5 Patch 9 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3664 - Expose previously un-viewable plugin integration log via tech support info feature. Changed in Biz object library patch 9, Windows AyaNova app 7.5 patch 9

case 3626 - Searching could result in crash if a result included any form of workorder that had been deleted previously but not yet cleared from search index. Fix to handle search result to workorder that is id guid.empty gracefully


Winform app 7.5 Patch 9

case 3677 - AyaNova Generator service: Error and inability to connect to database on some platforms. Added .exe configuration file for Generator service to redirect to appropriate version of JSON assembly.

case 3664 - Expose previously un-viewable plugin integration log via tech support info feature. Changed in Biz object library patch 9, Windows AyaNova app 7.5 patch 9

case 3663 - Plugins not logging in brief support info mode, but should always log.

case 3631 - Error and crash in wo clicking on po button in newly created part request that doesn't have a PO yet


All remote access options

case 3670 - Error and inability to login on some platforms with IIS based add-ons. Change configurations to redirect to appropriate version of JSON assembly. Changed in: DataPortal, RI Patch 4, WBI Patch 2, MBI patch 1

case 3622 - WBI, MBI, RI, DataPortal add versioning to web.config so it will be refreshed on install / update so other cases take effect. Changed in DataPortal, RI Patch 4, WBI Patch 2, MBI patch 1


AyaNova RI 7.5 Patch 4

case 3678 - RI Apple browser changes signature page fix - signature page moving around when attempting to sign with pointer, fix required due to recent Apple browser changes.

case 3676 - Removed some unneeded and performance affecting diagnostic logging code from RI javascript.


AyaNova WBI 7.5 Patch 3

case 3679 - WBI Apple browser changes signature page fix

case 3675 - On some platforms Windows / IIS may not start WBI and require a Microsoft infrastructure.dll. Added .dll to installer and changed for WBI patch 2


AyaNova MBI 7.5 Patch 1

case 3680 - MBI Apple browser changes signature page fix


QBOI plugin 7.5 Patch 5

case 3669 - Quickbooks online QB library may randomly choose old unsupported authentication method unless forced causing inability to authenticate with Quickbooks online; code change made to force tls 1.2.

case 3520 - Quickbooks online issue resulting in duplicate key error fetching QBOI company prefs regression fix for previous case due to recent QB changes.


ClientRemover 7.5 Patch 1

case 3613 - ClientRemover plugin was allowing anyone with administrator rights to remove a client but should be limited to *the* one and only built-in Administrator account.


DataDump 7.5

case 3379 - "DataDump" plugin alpha release included. This plugin will enable exporting an AyaNova 7.x database into a generic JSON format suitable for importing into AyaNova 8 when released.


Older changes, improvements, & fixes


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