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Download the AyaNova service management software setup fileAyaNovaSetup.exe

  • Version 7.6 patch 15
  • 27.4 MB
  • File date May 31 2022


  • Requirements:
  • Uninstall:
    • via Start -> Programs -> AyaNova -> Uninstall AyaNova
    • via Add/remove programs in Control Panel

AyaNova remote access options

AyaNova plugin options

Download the optional add-on Quick Notification plug-in setup fileQuickNotifySetup.exe

  • 524kb
  • File date May 31 2022


Download the optional add-on Export to XLS plug-in setup fileExportToXLSSetup.exe

  • 1.05Mb
  • File date May 31 2022


Download the developers scripting utility AyaScript plug-in setup fileAyaScriptSetup.exe

  • 567kb
  • File date May 31 2022


Other AyaNova related downloads

  • Network your AyaNova with SQL Express - free from Microsoft for personal or business use
  • Search Microsoft for the latest available version, download and install. Don't forget SQL Management Studio (SSMS) for backup and restore purposes!
  • Installation & use instructions

  • AyaNova 7.x requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.x to be installed on your computer.
  • Use your Windows Updates to confirm you have the latest installed.

AyaNova Legacy plugins

Download the optional add-on OLI (Outlook interface) plug-in setup fileAyaNovaOLISetup.exe

  • Version 7.6
  • 806kb
  • File date April 2 2020

Download the optional add-on Outlook Schedule Export plug-in setup fileOutlookScheduleExport

  • 633kb
  • File date April 2 2020


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