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Answers to FAQs on licensing, pricing & purchase


How is AyaNova licensed?

Example image of the user entry screen showing Type set as Schedulable User

Your AyaNova consists of two aspects:

  1. The AyaNova programs which you use to connect to your AyaNova database to view and edit data (i.e. desktop AyaNova, remote access options RI, WBI, MBI).
  2. Your AyaNova database (could be stand-alone configuration for single computer access or could be networked for multiple device access)

How many scheduleable resources can be scheduled and what optional add-ons may be used are determined by what licenses are set within your AyaNova database.

Your database holds the licensing, along with your data.

  • When trialing before purchase, your installed AyaNova database automatically begins a 45 day trial which includes licensing for Up to 5 scheduleable resources plus all optional add-ons so you can fully trial everything.
  • Once you have purchased, you are emailed instructions to apply to your database a License Key. Applying your Key unlocks your database for the number of scheduleable resource subscription licenses and which optional add-on subscription licenses you have purchased.


How to determine which level of scheduleable resources licenses to purchase:

  • What level of scheduleable resources licenses you would purchase is the same as your number of technicians/enginners/whoever/whatever that you need to schedule and track in your AyaNova.
  • In AyaNova we call the service person (technician/engineer/etc) a “scheduleable resource” because companies use AyaNova for many purposes beyond tracking service people. Some companies use AyaNova to schedule buses, rooms etc but for most service companies a “schedulable resource” is a service person working for your company.
  • This means you do not need to purchase licenses for staff that simply run AyaNova and view and enter data within it, you only need to purchase licenses for the number of service people you are tracking within it.
  • If one of your schedulable employees leave, you can "free up" their license by unchecking the Active field for their user account, which will free up their license to be used for a new schedulable resource, but still maintain a complete history of service provided by that original schedulable user/resource.
  • For companies that employ sub-contractors, you could determine a time period that jobs are scheduled for. Then determine the maximum number of contractors employed in this time - and that would be the number of licenses to purchase. For example, if you book no farther than two months ahead: determine what the maximum total number of different techs you had scheduled over that time period and that will be the number of schedulable resource licenses to purchase.


What is provided when licenses are purchased:

  • Your license(s) once purchased are sent to you in an Activation Key email message which you apply as per its instructions
  • The applied licenses are maintained in your database along with your data for as long as you use AyaNova
  • Support and updates within the same major release vesion are included with your subscription license price for the first 12 months from date of purchase. Then renew at only 35% of the original subscription price every 12 months after, to continue to receive updates and support for the next 12 months and so on!
  • Up to you if you wish to renew! If you decide not to, your AyaNova database licenses will continue to be valid and you can continue to use AyaNova as it is installed at the date of your subscription expiry - you just can not update, nor receive support.


Let us help you confirm which licenses you need - contact us that you would like recommendations on what to purchase - provide in your message how many technicians/engineers, what tasks you need to accomplish, and flow of your day to day service!

How are optional add-ons licensed?

Your optional add-on license entitles your company to install and use and receive support for the latest version of that optional add-on during the year of your subscription.

Don't forget - to be able to successfully run, your optional add-ons installation NEED to be the same version as your main AyaNova program installation.



Prior to the expiration of one year, ShareIT our payment processing provider, will email you a notification reminder that your optional add-on subscription will be automatically renewed. The notification will include a link if you need to log in to make changes to your payment method or to your registered email address or if you would like to cancel your subscription.

If you do not renew an optional add-on you will no longer be eligible to receive support nor install new updates for that optional add-on.

It is normally expected that if a company renews their AyaNova subscription but cancels an optional add-on subscription, that they no longer are using and have uninstalled that optional add-on. A company "could" keep using a previously subscribed but now expired optional add-on IF their AyaNova itself continues at the exact same older version as that of the expired optional add-on program. We recommend installing the latest version to get the benefit of bug fixes and new and expanded features and the support that comes with the latest version.

Licensing examples

Licensing is based on the number of "resources" you want to schedule - i.e. an actual person (i.e. a technician), a truck, a group of people (i.e. a department), or a bus - whatever/whoever you want to schedule and track in AyaNova.

Your AyaNova database does not require licenses for those that enter and view data only (are not scheduled) nor does your AyaNova database require licensing based on the number of networked computers that access your database.


  • Tom provides maintenance for apartments in a building
  • He wants to schedule himself, set up automatic preventive maintenance, remind himself via notifications when events occur, and keep a history of service he has provided to each apartment.
  • Tom has one laptop computer that he takes with himself whether at home (where his office is) as well to the apartments when performing service.
  • Tom would purchase the first level - "Single AyaNova scheduleable resource subscription license"..


  • Bob repairs computers
  • Fran (Bob's wife) answers the phone and takes requests for support calls and sets Bob's schedule
  • They have two computers networked together, one for Bob and one for Fran and need software that will allow both of them to enter data, and view live data at the same time. Only Bob is scheduled in workorders
  • Only the first level - "Single AyaNova scheduleable resource subscription license" would need to be purchased, as only Bob needs to be scheduled. This is regardless of the fact that there will be two users logging in at the same time, viewing data and entering data
  • Then ten months after purchasing and utilizing AyaNova, business has increased and have now hired two additional technicians. As this means that there is now a total of 3 (three) scheduleable people that need to be scheduled so Bob now purchases the second level - "Up to 5 (five) scheduleable resources subscription license"..
  • Bob purchases the second level, applies the received replacement Activation Key, and can now set up to 5 active scheduleable user accounts!


  • Mighty Medical Equipment sells and services medical equipment
  • Sales needs to be able to view existing data on service for clients
  • Dispatching needs to be able to enter and view data to schedule the technicians
  • Management wants to be able to view data and obtain reports
  • Shipping and receiving wants to be able to enter purchase orders for parts requested on workorders, receive into inventory and automatically alert the scheduled user
  • 15 technicians need to be able to check their schedule, be notified of upcoming events, enter details of service provided and more while on the road and when in the office
  • Mighty Medical Equipment would purchase the "Up to 20 (twenty) AyaNova scheduleable resources subscription license" so that Mighty Medical Equipment can schedule their 15 technicians, plus have 5 free for new technicians or whoever needs scheduling. Sales, dispatching, management, shipping and receiving people will be running the program as they do not require a license as only those users/resources that are scheduled in workorders require a license
  • And one "RI (responsive interface) subscription license" would be purchased so that the techs out of the office can fully view their schedules; create new service workorders and edit existing in full detail including labor, parts, misc expenses, unit information; create new clients; obtain reports and more


Licensing for AyaNova is not based on the number of people that will be running the program, nor is it based on the number of computers on a network that all connect to the same AyaNova database. Licensing is based on the number of "resources" you want to schedule - whether those resources be an actual person or a truck or a group of people


What is the pricing for AyaNova and its optional add-on licenses?

Subscription prices do not include your applicable taxes.

Your level of resource licenses includes support and updates for first 12 months:

  • For a Single scheduleable resource license US$159.00
    • US$55.65 renewal for each 12 months after
  • For Up to 5 resource licenses US$695.00
    • US$243.25 renewal for each 12 months after
  • For Up to 10 resource licenses US$1190.00
    • US$416.50 renewal for each 12 months after
  • For Up to 20 resource licenses US$1980.00
    • US$693.00 renewal for each 12 months after
  • For Up to 50 resource licenses US$3950.00
    • US$1382.50 renewal for each 12 months after


Your optional add-on license includes support and updates for first 12 months:


Subscription renewals will be automatically renewed at 35% of the initial subscription license price.

Prices, licensing and support policies are subject to change.

Are there discounts for non-profit organizations?

We make every effort to keep our price per license as low as possible so that AyaNova can be affordable to organizations and business of all sizes. Our unique licensing program means that AyaNova is just as affordable for a small business as a larger organization.

If your organization is a registered charitable organization we would be pleased to provide discounted pricing of up to 50% off our regular affordable license price..

To receive a discount, contact us with your official government issued proof of charitable status for details, as well as include your web site. Charitable organizations do not include schools, other education facilities, nor other government funded facilities.


Try before you buy

To save yourself time, we recommend evaluating in this order:

Quickly get a feel for the features and determine if AyaNova looks like it might be a match for your organization by installing AyaNova in single user mode first on one computer

  1. Download the AyaNova setup file
  2. Install taking the defaults for stand-alone use on a computer (step by step outlined in our online Help documentation)
  3. Follow along with our online Help tutorials that provide step-by-step along with screenshots
  4. Review feature details, screenshots and suggested use as outlined in our online Help documentation while trialing
  5. Contact us with any questions

Then if AyaNova looks like it might work for your organization:

  1. Install AyaNova how you would use it in production. If multi-user access is needed, network your AyaNova
  2. Evaluate any options you and your company will find additionally helpful
  3. Check out answers to common technical and configuration questions and answers to common purchasing and licensing questions
  4. Contact us with any questions
  5. Securely and quickly purchase online
  6. There will be no need to download or reinstall anything after purchasing, simply unlock your existing trial

Software subscription licenses purchased are considered opened at the time of purchase and are not refundable.

What if my business grows and I need more licenses?


Congratulations on your business growth! We would be pleased to provide you with a coupon code to discount the new level moving to that replaces your original level!

Before purchasing contact us with:

  • Your registered email address and reqistered company name
  • The level of licensing you wish to move up to (i.e. such as total of 5, or total of 20 )
  • Approximately when you expect to purchase by

    Discounts can not be applied after purchase. Be sure to contact us to obtain your discount before your purchase.

    Once the new subscription is purchased with the discount coupon we provide to you, we will cancel your original subscription for you.


    What if I need separate multiple databases?

    Our license agreement permits only one database file per unique activation key. What this means is that you are not permitted to apply your key to more than one AyaNova database.

    If you have more than one AyaNova database (i.e. each division of your company wants to have a separate AyaNova database), purchase subscription license(s) for each database separately using a unique company name.

    Example : Your company SNOW Inc. has two offices - one located in Canada, one located in the US.

    • Complete the first order of subscriptions for the first database with a unique company name such as: "SNOW Inc. - U.S."
    • The Activation Key will be emailed with a registration name of "SNOW Inc. - U.S." - apply to the database for the US division.
    • Complete the first order of subscriptions for the first database with a unique company name such as: "SNOW Inc. - Canada."
    • The Activation Key will be emailed with a registration name of "SNOW Inc. - Canada" - apply to the database for the Canadian division.

    What if I need to purchase additional older version licenses for my older version database?

    We highly recommend upgrading to the latest AyaNova.

    For those that prefer to continue with an older version of AyaNova, you can certainly purchase additional older licenses and continue to use as is without further email support, updates or upgrades.

    Contact us from your registered email address, provide the following, and we will send the specific URLs so that you can purchase:

      For additional licenses for AyaNova version 3.x, 4.x, 5.x or 6.x:

      • Log into your AyaNova desktop program
      • Select menu File -> About AyaNova
      • Copy all text and paste into an email message to us
      • Identify how many additional licenses you wish to purchase.


      For additional licenses for your AyaNova CE 1.9:

      • Log into your AyaNova CE as the manager
      • Select menu File -> Database Utilities
      • Double-right-click on the screen which will bring up the Key Registration window
      • Copy the Registered Name and the Key and paste into your email message to us
      • Select menu Help -> About this program
      • Copy all text and paste into an email message to us
      • Identify how many additional licenses you wish to purchase.

    Am I sent new software when I purchase?

    No. Once your payment is processed, the email address you provided in your order will be sent via email an Activation Key.

    This Activation Key will include instructions how to fetch and apply the included keycode that will activate the AyaNova database that you have already installed and tried out for the resources subscription license you have purchased

    You do not have to install any new software nor make any new configurations

    The Activation Key will have an Install By date which will be one month from date of purchase - for example, if you purchased October 5th, the Install By date will be midnight November 4th (November 4 12:00AM). The key must be applied before this date. A request for re-issue of a keycode may require an Administration Fee of US$35.00 to cover re-processing fees.

    Note that once a keycode is applied, your licenses are now maintained in your database along with your data.

    In a network configuration, all computers access the same licensed database, so there is no need to re-apply the keycode other than initially to license the database. Refer to the AyaNova Help section on network configuration.

    In the event of a need to re-install, you would restore the database from backup which would restore your data as well as the license. Please refer to the AyaNova online Help documentation on backup and restoration; or contact us if any questions.

    When will I receive my Activation Key?

    Your AyaNova license key email message will be emailed from our standard correspondance email address support@ayanova.com, to the registered email address you provided in your order once payment has been successfully processed and received.

    Check your Spam/Junk folder as well as make sure that your email server and email security program(s) allows all email from support@ayanova.com.

    You will receive an email notification from ShareIT our payment processing provider, when your payment has been successfully processed.

    The ShareIT email notification will say your Activation Key email may take 48 hours to receive. This time frame to receive your key may only occur if your purchase is processed after business hours, on a weekend or during a Canadian or BC holiday or observance. License key emails are sent out during regular support hours Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM PST excluding Canadian and BC holidays and observances, and are usually sent out within the hour or less of payment being processed.

    If you made a payment via credit card, it is possible there may be a delay in processing due to ShareIT's fraud prevention, Fraud Shield and/or the credit card service's connection integrity in order to process each order.

    When you submit your order, DO READ as when your ShareIT reference order is displayed, ShareIT will say right there and than whether there will be a further delay in processing or not.

    What about....?

    MyCommerce ShareIT - our payment processing provider

    MyCommerce ShareIT:

    MyCommerce ShareIT securely processes orders on behalf of over 10000 software publishers worldwide in addition to securely processing for AyaNova software license purchases.


    MyCommerce ShareIT payment options:

    MyCommerce ShareIT accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards, check, or purchase orders and in some cases, wire transfers.

    If select Check when ordering, MyCommerce ShareIT will send you via email the details you need on where to send the payment to, what to include, etc.

    If your purchase is via Credit Card - when you receive your credit card statement, it will show a Merchant Name/Transaction description of either ShareIt Inc or ELEMENT5, not AyaNova.

    MyCommerce ShareIT can offer wire transfer payments ONLY for the following country - currency - combinations:

    • Germany - EUR
    • Austria - EUR
    • Netherlands - EUR
    • Italy - EUR
    • Spain + Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands - EUR
    • France - EUR
    • Finland - EUR
    • Belgium - EUR
    • United Kingdom - GBP
    • Norway - NOK
    • Sweden - SEK
    • Switzerland - CHF
    • Japan - JPY

    MyCommerce ShareIT's policy is to not allow credit card or paypal orders to originate from anywhere but the country where the card is associated. This means that if your company's credit card is issued from another country than where you physically are located, you can not use a credit card payment but instead will need to select either check or paypal or possibily wite transfer as your payment type as your credit card will be denied.


    Not purchased AyaNova but have a charge from MyCommerce ShareIT:

    If you have not purchased AyaNova but have a charge from MyCommerce ShareIT, www.shareitinfo.com or ELEMENT5 on your credit card statement, please contact MyCommerce ShareIT directly via email or phone.


    Contact MyCommerce ShareIt directly via email or phone:

    Email using your preferred language (their response time is usually within 5 business days):

    • Support-eng@shareit.com (English)
    • Support-ger@shareit.com (German)
    • Support-fre@shareit.com (French)
    • Support-spa@shareit.com (Spanish)
    • Support-ita@shareit.com (Italian)
    • Support-por@shareit.com (Portuguese)

    Or phone the location closest to your company:

    • ShareIT North/South America Phone: +1.952.646.5747 or Toll Free 1-800-903-4152
    • ShareIT Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia Phone: +49(0)221 31088-0

    What about support?

    Personal technical support is available to anyone trialing AyaNova, or licensed companies with a current support & update subscription.

    Support is provided from North America based certified network and PC support technicians.

    Technical support options:

    • Online Help documentation - available to view at any time (select F1 from within your AyaNova desktop program, or access via the links)
    • AyaNova Support Forum - available to view at any time (registration and log in is only needed for downloads)
    • Online contact form - responses provided between 9AM and 5PM PST Monday to Friday excluding Canadian and BC holidays and observances.
    • Direct email support to support@ayanova.com - responses provided between 9AM and 5PM PST Monday to Friday excluding Canadian and BC holidays and observances.

    What about customizations?

    Localization / Text displayed in the program - AyaNova interface text is fully customizable as a built in feature to support industry or company specific terminology or alternative languages. And you can also add custom fields to many of the entry screens. AyaNova comes pre-localized for the following languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

    Report Templates - customizations and support for report template design is considered outside of the regular AyaNova support. A charge to provide report template support may occur. We provide many example report templates with the installed AyaNova program, as well as additional examples and details on the AyaNova Support Forum, as well as the tutorials in the AyaNova Online Help on report template design. If you would like a custom report template designed, or a specific aspect of an existing report template changed, please refer to the AyaNova Support Forum topic on custom report template design for what to send us so that we can provide you with a quote. Minimum charge of US$55.00 with total cost depending on what is involved.

    Program customizations - Although we do not customize the AyaNova program itself for individual companies, if interested in a custom plug-in or add-on for AyaNova, just contact us at support@ayanova.com and let us know what you are looking for and what you need it for. We might already have the feature in AyaNova; or can provide you with a quote to develop a custom plug-in if possible; or your suggestion may already be on our Wish List as a possible future feature.

    New feature requests - We are always interested in hearing suggestions for new features and how you would use. AyaNova has grown over the years due to suggestions from you! Suggestions to date can also be found on the Wish List on our AyaNova Support Forum.

    Develop your own options - If you are a developer yourself, do check out the API/Development section of the AyaNova Support Forum; as well as the AyaScript developers plugin.

    What about upgrades?

    If your support subscription is current, there are no additional charges to upgrade within the same major release version (i.e. any 7.x.x version). New major releases will require a new (discounted from regular price) subscription (i.e. 7.x to 8.x):

    1. Check your Help -> License for the expiry date of your subscription(s).
    2. If your expiry date for subscriptions has not expired, just follow the upgrade steps for your configuration in the AyaNova Help documentation.


    If your company does not have a current active support subscription, you will need to purchase subscription(s) and then can perform the upgrade:

    1. Check your Help -> License for the expiry date of your subscription(s).
    2. If you do not have a subscription or if your subscription has expired, purchase a subscription that is equal to the number of scheduleable resources your database is presently licensed for, and subscriptions for any options you presently use and will use.
    3. Review the upgrade steps for your configuration in the AyaNova Help documentation (i.e. if configured for SQL Express use, you would follow the upgrade steps with the title "Updating if networked SQL Express AyaNova"), confirming requirements and steps.
    4. When payment has been processed and your Activation Key has been received via email, proceed with the upgrade steps for your configuration of AyaNova.

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    Since 1999 AyaNova® is a registered trademark of Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc. in the United States and other countries.
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