Previous changes, improvements & fixes to AyaNova


7.5.x changes, improvements, & fixes

August 22 2018


All installers - Extended trial period to 45 days with all features and options accessible

No version number change


May 23 2018


case 3593 - All installers - Privacy policy: GDPR privacy policy text added to all license agreements


AyaNova windows 7.5 patch 8

case 3549 - Client selector dialog now ensures valid client selection rather than giving error on invalid one

case 3563 - Removed unused company address UI from global settings form

case 3589 - Privacy: automatically redact DB server password in connection string from local log file and support information widget

case 3594 - ClientRemover plugin: New plugin installed by default to allow the manager account to completely delete a client and all their associated records including but not limited to service workorders, quotes, p.m. and units in one click


GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.5 Patch 8 (Affects all interfaces)

case 3551 - License information display fixed to properly display all license types

case 3581 - Search not working consistently with non latin text on MS SQL server

case 3588 - Purchase order not cleaning up part requests on order for workorder if created, set on order and set non-ordered all before any save is made

case 3596 - Workorder delete now properly allows delete of workorder even if it's set as the last workorder on a Unit or Client record

case 3597 - Unit delete now works even when unit has meter reading records (they are now deleted with the Unit)

case 3598 - Client delete now works even when client has User login accounts (they are now deleted with the Client)

case 3599 - Attempting to delete a workorder with part requests on order now clearly explains why the workorder can not be deleted

case 3600 - Client delete now works when client has Client Note records (they are now deleted with the Client)

case 3601 - Client Service Requests are now deleted when the corresponding Client is deleted

case 3602 - Client delete now works when a client is set as a drop ship target on any purchase orders (PO Drop ship to client field is reset to empty before client is deleted)

case 3604 - Developer API users only affected: Grid sort and filter code would silently fail and not sort at all if *first* column in XML criteria is missing the "SORT" element


ImportExportCSV Plugin 7.5 Patch 1

case 3606 - Enhancement: now checks all potentially affected objects in AyaNova database for duplicate names and issues warning on startup with list so user can rectify duplicates in AyaNova. This avoids a potential issue where duplicate named objects in AyaNova are randomly chosen to match incoming import / update data.


QBI plugin 7.5 Patch 5

case 3241 - Fixed some text hard to read on grid caption due to Windows changes


QBOI plugin 7.5 Patch 3

case 3565 - Enhancement to handle duplicate data intermittently being sent by QuickBooks API servers (new, different issue with QB API, not the similar one from case 3520 fixed in December 2017)


AyaNova RI 7.5 Patch 3

case 3566 - Signature box drags page around not allowing signing due to browser changes (note: this was previously released in RI patch 2 but not documented)

case 3575 - Workorder close checkbox issue allowing user with insufficient rights to close workorder and also allowing close workorder without first setting to service completed


AyaNova WBI 7.5 Patch 2

case 3266 - Security fix: an potential security issue was advised from a 3rd party component vendor and a fix was implemented by modifying the web.config file as per vendor instructions

case 3260 - UI improvements to login form


Dec 11 2017


AyaNova GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.5 Patch 4

*FIX* Database schema update to resolve "duplicate key" error issue when using both QBOI and QBI add-on's with the same AyaNova database on Microsoft SQL server (does not affect Firebird users or those who are not running both QBOI and QBI)


AyaNova QBOI 7.5 Patch 2

*FIX* Intermittently seeing a "duplicate key" message immediately after initial login to QuickBooks online but before QBOI user interface has come up. (note this is a separate issue from the other "duplicate key" issue above)


AyaNova ToMSSQL utility 7.5 Patch 1

*CHANGE* A change to a database index created when migrating AyaNova database from Firebird to Microsoft SQL server.


Dec 6 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 7

QBOI optional add-on has been updated to be compatible with QuickBooks online changes coming Jan 1 2018


Nov 30 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 7

*NEW* New feature allows for fetching license key directly from our server. This removes the hassle some users experienced pasting a license key into AyaNova.


Nov 14 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 6

*FIX* Fixes issue with slow loading of AyaNova due to issue with popups. Popup will now not attempt to display more than five notifications at a time and will indicate the total number of notifications beyond 5 at the bottom of the popup window, as well as not delay loading AyaNova regardless of the number of popup notifications the logged in user has not yet deleted.


Oct 9 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 5

*NEW* Setup now includes support for Sage 50 / Quantum 2018

*DEPRECATED* removed installation support for older Peachtree 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011


July 28 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 5

*NEW* ability to install our latest optional add-on QBOI (QuickBooks Online Interface)


June 8 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 5

*FIX* Resolved issue with scanning UPC codes into workorder Parts


June 1 2018


QBI 7.5 (Patch 2)

*FIX* resolves issue when re-running Tools -> Preferences does not provide the ability to change previously set preference for Classes, and previously set preference for Terms.


May 9 2017


AyaNova Lite GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll 7.5

*FIX* resolves license issue with AyaNova Lite versions only.


March 27 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 4

*EXPANDED* workorder item grid in a workorder now has available a column to display the already selected Unit in a saved workorder.

*FIX* Resolved issue of TEST CASE 3119 showing as the data on reports for Workorder Item Type and Priority.

*CHANGE* Removed the template field "Use current part prices on generated order" from Customize as was not to show on standard service workorder, only template.

*CHANGE* Sample database now includes pre-sets for RI client user report template, custom text and whether can view wiki files associated with the client's workorder.


RI 7.5 Patch 1

*FIX* Client user menu option now accessible when logged in using small screen (i.e. mobile)


March 14 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 3

*FIX* Resolved AyaNova.exe null reference exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when select Part Requests menu option in PO

*FIX* Resolved AyaNova.exe null reference exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when select Restock menu option in PO

*CHANGE* Closed column in PO Items not to be editable by end user as a PO Receipt only is to update this column.


AyaNova QBI 7.5 Patch 1

*FIX* Resolved map information window not displaying link/unlink and cancel buttons (were out of view)


AyaNova PTI 7.5 Patch 1

*FIX* Resolved map information window not displaying link/unlink and cancel buttons (were out of view)


March 10 2017


AyaNova 7.5 Patch 1

*FIX* Restored Client Finder's Search control to the front of the form window.

*FIX* Tax codes window menu option edited to remove non-needed components.

*FIX* Set all parts to used menu option now disregards parts already set to Used in Service and no longer shows exception if there are already Used in Service.

*FIX* Workorder's Parts subsection menu Set all parts to used menu option now when selected, correctly redraws the screen to display (previously was setting, just not showing until saved or moused over).


March 5 2017


AyaNova 7.5

*NEW* Schedule Marker grid in User navigation pane displays all Schedule Marker / Follow Ups assigned specifically to this user, to the Dispatch Zone this user is a member of, to the Region this user is a member of, to the Scheduleable User Group this user is a member of or if assigned to Global. Filter and sort to find your schedule marker!

*NEW* Schedule Marker grid in Administration navigation pane displays all assigned Schedule Marker / Follow Ups for all users, all Dispatch Zones, all Regions and all Scheduleable User Groups or if assigned to Global. Very useful to filter and sort to find specific schedule markers!

*NEW* Service workorder/quote/PM templates each now have a setting that will dictate when generating the order from the template, whether to use the part price in the template OR to use the current part price from the part record itself. Useful when a template was created before part prices were updated.

*NEW* ImportExportCSV now includes import and export for Part Categories, Priorities, Unit Servce Types, Workorder Statuses, Workorder Categories, Workorder Item Types and Rates.

*NEW* ImportExportCSV Duplicate option now includes the ability to update existing Rates

*ADDED* Added the bool field Completed to the Schedule Marker / Follow Up screen with which can filter and sort in the new Schedule Marker grids

*ADDED* Command line option to use your operating system's default font in AyaNova.

*ADDED* Purchase Order detailed type report templates now includes Unit of Measure datafield in the PurchaseOrderListPurchaseOrderList dataset which can be easily dragged into any existing/new Detailed type report template from the Purchase Order grid

*ADDED* ToMSSQL now reports on specific broken GUIDs if applicable, to facilitate troubleshooting of record issues in Firebird database.

*ADDED* Show all... - Right-click grid option and menu option added for Loan Items to have AyaNova automatically filter and display the workorders where this loan item was previously and presently selected.

*ADDED* Added two additional Unit Display Formats in Global Settings to facilitate those without Unit Models to distinguish the correct unit to select by its Description.

*FIX* Scheduleable user's Default Warehouse selected in their user record will now only show if the region assigned compliments the region assigned to the user.

*FIX* In a User record that has been assigned to a specific region, if a part warehouse is then selected that has been assigned to a different specific Region, AyaNova will now advise "Invalid Warehouse; not in user's region" and not allow saving the users record until a warehouse with an accessible Region is selected.

*CHANGE* change of project form layout.

*CHANGE* Quick Notify will list only active users subscribed to the Quick Notification

*CHANGE* AyaScript installation no longer overwrites an existing AyaScript.xml file

*FIX* Loan item's status now is correctly updated when deselected in a previously selected workorder

*CHANGE* Added back button option to top of selectable reports in RI for ease of returning to previous page

*CHANGE* Schedule form no longer shows the menu options to create new schedule marker or new service workorder if the logged in user does not have sufficient rights.

*FIX* Removed exposed columns WorkorderItem.Label.HasRequestDate and WorkorderItem.Label.UnitName that were incorrectly accessible via workorder item grid.

*FIX* Exception issue resolved for when moving the column FileType to furthermost left in the Administration's Files in Database grid.

*CHANGE* Removal of UnitName and HasRequestDate properties showing in template when not relevant.

*IMPROVED* Wikipage AND wikifiles will now be replicated to the generated wo/quote/PM from the wo/quote/PM template's Wikipage and wikifiles.

*CHANGE* A quote (or PM) created from a quote template (or a PM template) will now have the same quantity of parts as set in the template

*CHANGE* Infragistic controls changed to version 12


AyaNova TOMSSQL 7.5

*IMPROVED* TOMSSQL utility will now display the specific GUID of a bad record when generating a SQL AyaNova database to help in troubleshooting


RI 7.5

*IMPROVED* RI signature field displays larger for ease of entry

*IMPROVED* RI signature parsing code added to handle unusual browser canvas implementations

*FIX* Now when edit a Task item in an RI service workorder, when the screen refreshes, the cursor/view will return to the view of the task item that was just viewing.

*FIX* A part's price will no longer zero out when select a different warehouse.

*CHANGE* Expanded business rule to account for RI specific issues of confirming a part is selected before a part record in a workorder can be saved Used in Service.


WBI 7.5

*IMPROVED* WBI signature field displays larger for ease of entry

*IMPROVED* WBI signature parsing code added to handle unusual browser canvas implementations

*FIX* WBI Schedule Marker and Project menu options now display correctly based on user's security group rights set for these objects



7.4.x changes, improvements, fixes      [return to top of page]

May 20 2016


AyaNova 7.4 Patch 1

*CHANGE* If you would like to use your OS default font, add the text use_os_fonts to your AyaNova icon shortcut properties on your desktop so that the command line is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova\AyaNova.exe" use_os_fonts     Otherwise AyaNova desktop UI will use its own font.

*FIX* Resolves issue with license checking code that resulted in error "Error: Current user not authorized to open a Region record" in certain specific data circumstances

*FIX* License checking code now uses native datetime format in all areas so there is no locality based conversion which now prevents error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" on start up if computer's short date format was to show the actual name of the month


May 15 2016


AyaNova 7.4

*CHANGE* Move to subscription support and update service.


7.3.x changes, improvements, & fixes      [return to top of page]

March 7 2016


AyaNova RI 7.3 Patch 5

*FIX* Selecting a Status in a CSR is required. Have edited the CSR form so that one of the three options must be selected


Feb 23 2016


AyaNova 7.3 Patch 3

*NEW FEATURE* Optional add-on PTI now compatible with US Sage 50 2016

*FIX* Search Database will now return search results when search includes an apostrophe (as internally the apostrophe is actually stripped out)

*FEATURE CHANGE* Added new pre-set date filters for date columns in the main grids - [PAST] Jan 2 1753 up to Now (FYI 1753 is minimum year in both MS SQL and Firebird); [FUTURE] From Now to forever; [LASTYEAR] From zero hour Jan 1 last year to zero hour Jan 1 this year; [THISYEAR]From zero hour january 1 this year to zero hour Jan 1 next year; [INTHELAST3MONTHS](Now - 3 months) up to Now; [INTHELAST6MONTHS](Now - 6 months) up to Now; [INTHELASTYEAR] (Now - 365 days) up to Now)

*FIX* The quantity of parts entered into a quote template or PM template, will now be transferred to the quote/pm created from it.


AyaNova RI 7.3 Patch 4

*NEW FEATURE* Client RI now bundled with RI

*FEATURE CHANGE* Added new pre-set date filters for date fields in Filtered area

*FEATURE CHANGE* WorkorderItemPart.Label.QuantityReserved in a service workorder generated from a quote now displays in red font as a helpful reminder which is quoted and which is actual

*FEATURE CHANGE* Numerous performance improvements and speed optimization

*FIX* Search Database will now return search results when search includes an apostrophe (as internally the apostrophe is actually stripped out)


AyaNova WBI 7.3 Patch 3

*FEATURE CHANGE* Added new pre-set date filters for date columns in the main grids

*FIX* Search Database will now return search results when search includes an apostrophe (as internally the apostrophe is actually stripped out)


Jan 27 2016


AyaNova WBI 7.3 Patch 1

*FIX* Client Notes subgrid Notes column now displays with same formatting (carriage returns etc) as do via desktop AyaNova and via RI.


AyaNova RI Patch 3

*FEATURE CHANGE* Users last view showing either Month, Week or Day in Schedule is now saved in browsers localStorage object which is persisted in the browser between sessions so that when using that browser on that device, your Month/Week/Day selection when last logged in will persist for you.

*FEATURE CHANGE* Selection buttons (i.e. Save, Back, More..) are now full column width resulting in easier selection via tablet and small screen phone

*FIX* Inactive parts no longer show for selection in a workorder via RI

*FIX* Inactive users no longer show for selection in a workorder via RI

*FIX* Inactive unit no longer shows for selection in a workorder via RI

*FIX* When Use Inventory = False, RI no longer results in error attempting to view parts in workorders

*FIX* Error no longer occurs deleting a memo via RI


Jan 19 2016


AyaNova network Generator 7.3 Patch 1

*NEW FEATURE** network Generator service will now display the registered name of the database connected to. This is to facilitate hosting companies that host multiple AyaNova databases on a single computer, so that if an issue with network Generator can easily identify which database the issue is with.


Dec 14 2015


AyaNova RI 7.3 Patch 2

*FIX* Embedded file link selection now results in download of file when selected

*FIX**Delete of embedded file now possible


AyaNova RI 7.3 Patch 2

*FIX* Embedded file link selection now results in download of file when selected

*FIX**Delete of embedded file now possible


Nov 25 2015


AyaNova 7.3 Patch 2

*FIX* Removed issues that began as of 7.3.0 that would ask the end user if they wished to create a Part Request when adding a part via a Quote or PM. A part request is only to be created when adding a part to a service workorder when there is no quantity in stock.

*FIX*Issue introduced in that even when Use Inventory = False, when adding a part to a service workorder, AyaNova was asking if enduser would like to create a part request.


Nov 18 2015


AyaNova 7.3 Patch 1

*FIX* Inactive users will now no longer display as select-able to send an internal memo too

*FIX* Resolved error The multi-part identifier "AADDRESS.APOSTAL" could not be bound that occurs when selecting to print any detailed report template from the Service Workorders grid if the column Postal/Zip is enabled to show in this grid.


AyaNova RI 7.3 Patch 1

*CHANGE* If you encounter a web browser that does not provide the ability to fully edit date/time, uncheck the new feature Browser Settings as per the RI Help documentation

*FIX* Resolution of incorrect link automatically created within a Quote's wiki page that results in error "The resource cannot be found" if clicked when logged in via RI.


Oct 18 2015


AyaNova 7.3

*CHANGE* Latest Dataportal web.config installed file contains additional lines to ensure users via dataportal connection can upload Wikifiles

*CHANGE* When an active scheduleable user is set inactive and saved successfully, an automatic scan will be triggered for Follow Ups that have a stop date that is later than the current moment and compiles them into a list and sends it via memo to the Administrator account

*CHANGE* Now when a Quantity # is entered first instead of selecting Part first in a Parts record in a service workorder, the Quantity now is able to be compared against the OnHand to determine if there should be a Parts Request or not.

*CHANGE* In the unlikely event that an exception occurs when the PM source workorder is attempted to be saved after the service wo is generated, AyaNova will automatically delete the service wo just created, generate an error message and will send details to the administrator account via memo. This prevents infinite workorders being generated.

*CHANGE* Now no longer possible to save a PO with a negative Quantity Ordered. This is to prevent PO issues, as a PO is expected to be used for ordering in, not returning.

*CHANGE* Dates in service workorder grid columns will now show text if that is your computer's Regional settings (i.e. if your Regional is set to dd-mmm-yyyy will now show 12-Oct-2015 in the Service Workorder's grid Service Date column field)

*CHANGE* Can now Move a Quote's woitem to another Quote OR workorder for the same client. Can now Copy a Quote's woitem to another Quote OR another workorder for the same client. Not just to another workorder.

*CHANGE* Two additional Part Display Formats added for selection in your Global Settings.

*CHANGE* The Postal Code from the client's physical address now available for display on the Service Workorder grid and is available for display in Summary type report templates from this grid too.

*FIX* Inactive parts will no longer show for selection in a PO.

*FIX* Resolved issue that if an initial Notification Subscription with a workorder status selected gets deleted, AyaNova will now no longer cause other workorder status related notification subscriptions for that user to fail.

*FIX* Fixed API bug preventing a dynamic connection setting from being used

*FIX* In biz object library, CSTR list is now filterable by serial number of the unit

*FIX* Resolved "input string was not in correct format" error that occurs when viewing grid of workorders when device being used reports and enters internally a number NaN outside the normal co-ordinates expected by the signature script

*FIX* Resolved error Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int.? that shows when attempting to view Files in Database if have a very large number of files of substantial size

*FIX* Resolved issue where in some circumstances the last letter of first line of message body in a clients Notification email message cuts off in Subject line

*FIX* Part Adjustment form's column order now saveable for the next time user views same form

*FIX* Memo TO: now correctly does not include client and head office user accounts

*FIX* Travel's Travel Details field is not a memo field and will now correctly prevent entry of more than 255 characters.

*FIX* Resolved issue whereby a Task Group delete causes GUIDID to then show in selection. Now no longer shows preselected the Task Group record that was edited.


AyaNova WBI 7.3

*FIX* Resolved and prevents error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"when creating new wo via Schedule when double-click on day instead of selecting +New menu option

*FIX* Removed part warehouse grid field DefaultWarehouseID from showing


AyaNova MBI 7.3

*FIX* Resolved issue when attempting to add users via TO: when creating Memo via MBI

*FIX* Resolved issue in some circumstances that prevented ability to create new Memo via MBI


AyaNova RI 7.3

*NEW* Our RI (Responsive Interface) remote access option - quick access through your web browser (no need to install on device!) to edit, update and create workorders, quotes, PMs, clients, units and parts while away from the office regardless of what type of device (Android, Iphone, tablet, laptop, and/or computer!)


7.2.x changes, improvements, & fixes      [return to top of page]

May 13 2015


WBI 7.2 GTZW.AyaNovWBI.BLL.dll Hotfix 5

*FIX* for issue where Request Date column not showing in Workorder Items grid in a service workorder when logged in via WBI


Sept 05 2014


AyaNova 7.2 GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll Hotfix 12

*FIX* for issue where PM's Next Service Date is not saved based on the Generate Time Span resulting in repeated generation of a new workorder for this PM.


June 14 2014


WBI 7.2 GTZW.AyaNovWBI.BLL.dll Hotfix 4

*FIX* for issue so that when using iframes, login via client or head office account also results in the web page expanding as normal


March 31 2014


AyaNova 7.2 GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll Hotfix 11

*FIX* for issue whereby filtering on a text field that includes an & would not return correct results


Sept 23 2013


AyaNova 7.2 GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll Hotfix 10

*FIX* for AyaNova signature for devices/browsers that save x y coordinates as fractions


Aug 22 2013


AyaNova 7.2 Hotfix 9

*NEW* Purchase Orders set to Closed now able to have their Custom fields edited for entering details about the PO after closed such as shipping costs, etc.

*FIX* User column in Travel grid in Service, Quotes and Preventative Maintenance navigation pane now filterable

*FIX* An locale file imported from an older version of AyaNova will now be compared against the present default non-edtiable English locale, and if a key is missing in the older locale it will now be added automatically. In other words, if you import an older locale (from an old exported file) into a newer version AyaNova, and set users to use that older locale in their user entry screen -> the next time those users log in, some features may show using the unlocalized wording because those keys were not in the old locale file imported, but got added when imported.


AyaNova WBI 7.2 Hotfix 3

*FIX* Part Requests grid via WBI menu no longer has New.. buttom which had no function

*FIX* Default size of the large text fields Service Notes in a workorder item and Service Details in a Labor record is now 140 columns by 30 rows (used to be 22 columns by 10 rows). Now easier to enter in a lot of text and still be able to read as you type without having to scroll

*FIX* If using Chrome and have adjusted size of the large text fields Service Notes in a workorder item and Service Details in a Labor record, the formatting to show a carriage return when viewing these fields for editing will be maintained.


April 19 2013


AyaNova 7.2 QBI and PTI GTZW.AyaNova.BLL.dll Hotfix 8

*FIX* resolves error "ImportToAyaNova error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." when attempting to Auto-link or import or manually map/link. Issue was due to mappings from previous QuickBooks or Peachtree databases were not completely cleared out of the database before importing with a new accounting database


April 9 2013


AyaNova 7.2 Hotfix 8

*FIX* resolves error "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index" that was occuring when embedding images in a wiki page


April 5 2013


AyaNova 7.2 Hotfix 7

*FIX* Futher fix to BLL Hotfix 6 released April 3 2013 When a PO is forceably set to Closed - Partially Received that has part requests from specific workorder, the specific workorder part request will be updated so that the Qty ordered equals the Qty received so that the service workorder can be set to Service Completed. NOTE: if had set the PO to Closed - Partially Received before applying this fix, you MUST change the status of the PO that was made with the part requests back to On Order - partially received, exit to save, and then open again to change the status to Closed - Partially Received to apply the correct changes to the service workorder so that it can be set to Service Completed.


April 3 2013


AyaNova 7.2

*NEW* PTI now compatible with Sage 50 2013 US

*FIX* Resolved issue where would get the error message "Error: User is not authorized to change a Purchase Order Item or the object or field being changed currently is read only" when attempt to change the status to Closed - Partially Received of a PO that was created based on part requests from workorder(s)


AyaNova MBI 7.2

*FIX* Resolved issue where inactive statuses would still show for selection via MBI only


March 12 2013


AyaNova 7.2

*FIX* The Name column for Custom Fields in a workorder item (whether for a workorder quote or pm) will now automatically adjust its width to display all text. No need for the end user to attempt to adjust or save a specfic width.

*NEW* AGE column now available for the Service Workorders grid which is caculated as a) if Service Completed is NOT checkmarked, then the difference in days between the service workorder's Created Date (see the Record History menu option) and today's date and time or b) if Service Completed is checkmarked, then the difference in days between the service workorder's Created Date (see the Record History menu option) and the Last Modified Date & Time (see the Record History menu option). This field is availble for reporting off of directly via a Service Workorder summary type report template only.


Feb 18 2013


AyaNova 7.2 HotFix 6

*FIX* resolves issue where in some instances stand-alone AyaNova or AyaNova Lite were experiencing the program "freezing" due to the stand-alone generator attempting to make a Notifications connection in preparation for notifications.

*FIX* If Use Notifications is set to False, both GenProcessClientNotifications (client notifications) and GenProcessDeliveries (user notifications) will exit early without doing any processing at all. And if Use Notifications is set to True but there are no notifications for either client or user to send, both processes will also exit early without probing the SMTP server.


Feb 15 2013


AyaNova 7.2 HotFix 5

*FIX* Wikipages entered URL's and email addresses now will display as a hyperlink

*FIX* Wikipages entered URL's no longer having last character cut off

*FIX* Security group setting of Read Only for Object.WorkorderItem will now correctly limit read only access for all subsections including Unit, Outside Service, Tasks, and Custom Fields as well as Scheduled users, Parts, Labor, Travel, Misc Exp. No selection or changes will now be available if this is set for the security group. Same fix applies to WBI & MBI.

*FIX* Security group setting of Read Only for Object.WorkorderItemUnit will now correctly limit read only access for the Unit subsection. No selection or changes will now be available if this is set for the security group. Same fix applies to WBI & MBI.


Jan 21 2013


AyaNova 7.2 HotFix 3

*FIX* Now will be able to set Goods Only example tax code to inactive if using AyaNova Lite.

*FIX* Memo grid will now automatically refresh when you delete a memo record, removing that memo record from the grid list.

*FIX* Fix for Firebird databases (stand-alone or networked) to check case when checking if entering duplicate client name, part number or unit serial number

*CHANGE* AyaNova will now no longer allow a user to change the warehouse in a PO Receipt to receive to a different warehouse than from the warehouse originally was ordered for. This is to prevent invalid On Hand and On Order totals which are warehouse dependant. If you have an existing issue with this, do contact support BEFORE you apply this update so that we can provide you with the steps to undo your incorrect totals.

*CHANGE* Part Requests menu option in a Purchase Order will now show all part requests even if the Vendor selected is EITHER the Wholesaler or the Alternative Wholesaler

*FIX* Label for client selection window when creating new workorder via the Dashboard has now been correctly localized to obtain from the O.WorkorderServiceTemplate rather than from O.Region (was showing label as Region when should have been labeled Service Template)

*FIX* for ImportExportCSV Duplicate option** Now when updating existing parts or units using the Duplicate option, the import success popup will now identify the number of existing parts or units updated as well as new parts or units imported. Previously was only doing so if at least one Client Duplicate option was set to TRUE.


Oct 31 2012


AyaNova 7.2 HotFix 2

*FIX* will no longer receive multiple email notifications if subscribed to Workorder ? ?Status? changed (if a user) or WO Status changed (if a client) and had made mulitple edits within the workorder that included editing the Workorder Status but only used the Save menu option.

*FIX* Workorder Status will now display correct workorder status name instead of GUID number when workorder is set to Closed, and you have a specific workorder status set in Global Settings for Workorder closed status

*FIX* if create a new client, create a new workorder and start typing in a unit's serial number in the Unit field even though no unit record for this client has been entered into AyaNova, will no longer receive "Specified cast is not valid." error. Instead, will remain within the Unit selection field until select the "-" which signifies no unit selected, and click on the Unit jump button to create the new unit so that it can be selected.


April 27 2012


AyaNova 7.2 HotFix 1

*FIX* If attempt to delete a locale that is assigned to any users, will now receive a message identifying this if attempt to delete.

*FIX* Maximum embedded file size can now be edited to less than 50MB.

*FIX* If a workorder status is set to inactive, will now still show its name in the Workorder Status field in the workorder as was selected previous to setting to inactive, instead of showing an internal GUID.

*FIX* Automatic Client notification for Quote Status Changed, will now attach a PDF file with the date and time when sent instead of a file labeled workorder.pdf

*FIX* Scheduled user subscribed to Workorder Item Scheduled User (created/updated) now will only receive notification in regards to workorders. Will no longer receive notification if scheduled user is selected in a new or updated quote or PM.

*FIX* A PO with two different parts ordered, only quantity of one each, that has been partially received with one of the parts received and the other still on order, will now correctly remove the ordered non-received single part from a PO if have forced a Close


Jan 29 2012


AyaNova 7.2

*FIX* If you receive the rare occurrence of the error CASE 1387 ERROR: AyaBiz Utils->Right - RootObject rights being checked, update to the latest AyaNova version. Development had back with the initial 7.0 release added code to handle some legacy data that referred to workorder object instead of the specific type of workorder and could cause a potential rights problem. This code accidentally was removed from the 7.2 build so the patch puts it back in as it should have been to resolve those rare occurrences where this error occurs.


ToMSSQL Hotfix

*FIX* ToMSSQL (for migrating from stand-alone or network Firebird to SQL) will now reset invalid dates to 01/01/1966 so can be accepted by a SQL database


WBI 7.2 HotFix 1

*FIX* resolves cosmetic issue where the scheduleable user's name that is displayed via WBI continues to show the user's name of whoever first logged in via WBI.


Jan 20 2012


AyaNova 7.2

*NEW* Dashboard - navigation pane area where can now easily see at a glance overdue; scheduled; billable hours for current day, week, month and year; memos; and upcoming schedule markers and followups.

*NEW* Show all... from the client entry screen - now quickly bring up all service workorders, quotes, PM's and units for that client.

*NEW* Show all... from the unit entry screen - now quickly bring up all service workorders, quotes, PM's for that unit.

*NEW* Show all... from the service workorder - entry screen now quickly bring up all service workorders, quotes, PM's for that client of that workorder.

*NEW* Localize "on the fly" - when logged in as the AyaNova Administrator, easily localize the text of labels displayed in that entry screen viewing FROM that entry screen. So quick!

*CHANGE* Menu options with no data yet entered show grayed with dark line to indicate no data within (was previusly showing with light white line which was not noticeable for majority of users). For example, if no labor records within a workorder item, the Labor subsection icon within the service workorder will show grayed with a line through it so you know without having to check that there are no labor records as of yet.

*CHANGE* License menu option under main Help now accessible even if not logged in as AyaNova Administrator, with a popup reminder need to be logged in as the AyaNova Administrator if wish to apply new license or erase database.

*CHANGE* Not assigned column in graphical Schedule screen now display text as per the localized key Dashboard.Label.NotAssigned instead of "-"

*CHANGE* Splash screen font of start up logo is blue for onwards

*CHANGE* Font used within the AyaNova user interface changed to the recommended modern Segoe UI font for utmost readability.


7.1.x changes, improvements, & fixes      [return to top of page]

Nov 24 2011


AyaNova 7.1 GTZW HotFix 9

*FIX* Resolves issue where under certain circumstances a contract part discount would not be applied to a part that was generated on a workorder from a purchase order receipt on a out of stock request


Nov 9 2011


AyaNova 7.1 AyaNova.exe HotFix 10 and GTZW HotFix 8

*FIX* Resolves issue if have used the Customize.... feature on the service workorder disabling the Project label field which results in unable to Save or Save & Exit if make changes but have not clicked elsewhere before clicking on Save or Save & Exit.


Oct 13 2011


AyaNova 7.1 AyaNova.exe HotFix 9 and GTZW HotFix 7

*FIX* Resolves error message that can occur in Search Database "CASE 1387 ERROR: AyaBizUtils->Right(StringVersion) - RootObject rights being checked is Workorder!" in some circumstances when results include wiki page for workorder.


Oct 11 2011


AyaNova 7.1 AyaNova.exe HotFix 8 and GTZW HotFix 6

*FIX* Resolves error message Incorrect syntax near ',' that can occur due to custom filtering on a currency column when regional settings on your computer is set to a region that uses a comma (,) for decimal symbol and period (.) for digit grouping symbol


July 29 2011


PTI 7.1

*NEW* AyaNovaSetup.exe released that includes selection for installing PTI for use with Peachtree 2012


May 4 2011


AyaNova 7.1 AyaNova.exe Hotfix 7 and GTZW Hotfix 5

*CHANGE* Duplication option for updating existing Unit field Override Length via the ImportExportCSV now able to be the single option set to True

*FIX* Life Time Warranty column in the Units grid now correctly uses the localization from LT_Unit_Label_OverrideLifeTime instead of LT_UnitModel_Label_LifeTimeWarranty **Note** if you have created Unit grid report templates that used the previous UnitModel datafields, you will need to edit to use the new Unit labels

*FIX* The warranty Override Length column in the Units grid now correctly uses the localization from LT_Unit_Label_OverrideLength instead of LT_UnitModel_Label_WarrantyLength **Note** if you have created Unit grid report templates that used the previous UnitModel datafields, you will need to edit to use the new Unit labels

*FIX* Warranty Terms column in the Units grid now correctly uses the localization from LT_Unit_Label_OverrideWarrantyTerms instead of LT_UnitModel_Label_WarrantyTerms **Note** if you have created Unit grid report templates that used the previous UnitModel datafields, you will need to edit to use the new Unit labels

*CHANGE* A negative number can now be entered in the Contract entry screen Discount % field. This is useful if instead of a discount applied, you want a markup applied.

*FIX* Now if have deleted a client record, but that client was referenced in the Notifications Log, AyaNova will no longer error ClientPickList: ID not found: Instead, the client will be listed in the Notifications Log grid under the column of whom sent to as DELETED CLIENT

*CHANGE* Change in how grids display text fields to prevent error message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" that may occur if one or more of the text columns has non-text characters in it


April 27 2011


Unit importexportCSV utility

*CHANGE* Unit importexportCSV utility now includes ability to import Warranty Field if needed.


7.0.x changes, improvements, & fixes      [return to top of page]

April 20 2011


AyaNova 7.0.4 HotFix 6

*FIX* Resolves issue where Schedule screen not automatically displaying newly saved Schedule Markers or scheduled workorder items unless Refresh menu option was selected.

*FIX* Resolves issue where Schedule screen not automatically displaying selected Scheduleable User Group unless Refresh menu option was selected


Client importexportCSV utility

*NEW* now includes ability to import Region, Client Group and Dispatch Zone if needed.


April 12 2011


AyaNova GZTW.AyaNova.BLL.dll HotFix 4

*IMPROVEMENT* Provides additional column "Model Number" in the Units grid so can filter aphanumerically by model number not just model name as with the current "Unit Model" column in that grid


April 7 2011


AyaNova 7.0.4 HotFix

*FIX* Resolves issue where receive Error: "An error occurred while parsing EntityName" while filtering or sorting a grid under certain circumstances caused by the .net 4 DataSet.ReadXml() method

*FIX* Resolves issue where Firebird BLOB fields (i.e. large memo fields such as Service Notes in the workorder entry screen, General Notes in the Client entry screen, etc) does not retrieve unicode text

*FIX* Resolves issue where click on displayed Last Closed Service WO in the Unit's grid, but the workorder opened is actually the last closed workorder for that client, not for that unit.


March 31 2011


AyaNova 7.0.4 HotFix

*FIX* Resolves issue with the Schedule screen where if you have selected 3 or more weeks via the Date Navigator on the left, that when you scroll using the Schedule screen's scroll bar on the right, that the scheduled items now correctly refresh and are accessible as you scroll to new dates. Also note, if have selected 3 or more weeks via the Date Navigator on the left, and scrolling using the Schedule screen's scroll bar on the right, do have your Date Navigator set to show at least two months. This is so that when you scroll, the Schedule screen will be able to show scheduled items in all weeks.


March 25 2011


AyaNova HotFix

*IMPROVEMENT* Feature improvement that Preventive Maintenance Templates display for selection with Template description first, then PM Template # when creating a new PM. This makes it easier to select as you can start typing in the description and "jump" to the PM Template want to select, as may not know the PM Template number, but know the Description.


March 24 2011


AyaNova 7.0.4 CEImport utility

*CHANGE* Now when the CE import is running, rather then just giving an error that could not import because hit a workorder that has an issue of some kind, the import will just list the workorder # it can not import and continue on. This way, especially with a large long import, you don't have to try to identify which workorder # has the problem, nor start all over again. The workorder just will not be imported.


March 17 2011


AyaNova 7.0.4

*FIX* Resolved memory errors such as Timeout error, Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown error, and A generic error occurred in GDI+ due to empty signature field in service grids consuming memory

*NEW* Added keyboard combination CTRL-ALT-e for those that would like to see allocated memory freed up even though will do so automatically when needed elsewhere

*FIX* Date fields in the entry screens would display in US format even though computer's regional settings set to a different country

*FIX* If printing a detailed type report template from the Purchase Order grid, all PO's will display in your report even if have filtered to show only specific PO's


ExportToXLS 7.0.4

*FIX* Resolved error System.Byte[] is not a supported cell value type that would occur if ran ExportToXLS utility from the Service Workorders grid


AyaNova WBI 7.0.4

*FIX* Workorder hyperlink in Part request grid now correctly opens linked workorder entry screen

*NEW* Users Default Warehouse set in their entry screen now is automatically selected when selecting part in workorder when logged in via WBI


Feb 22 2011


AyaNova 7.0.3

*NEW* Units Text1, Text2, Text3 and Text4 fields now indexed for searching. Previously entered unit records that have any text entered in any of those 4 fields are updated automatically via schema update.


Feb 15 2011


AyaNova 7.0.2

*FIX* If attempt to customize a menu option (i.e. to change the size of the menu icons) now no longer receive error message Object reference not set to an instance of an object


AyaNova QBI 7.0.2

*CHANGE* Removed the change made to QBI to load all clients regardless of what character their QB client's name starts with that was introduced in fix. That initial feature would intermittently result in an error for some QB users An exception occurred! Type:UTFDataFormatException, Message:invalid byte 1 (?) of a 1-byte sequence.SAXParseException in some databases because of a hidden record that is not normally ever accessed or a corrupted record that is not normally accessed. So to prevent confusion, have removed the change.

*CHANGE* QBI is now back to loading active QuickBooks clients that names start with either a number or regular alphabet letters. If you have an active QuickBooks client whose name starts with a character other than a number of regular alphabet, just edit that client's name before loading QBI.


Jan 25 2011


AyaNova WBI Client 7.0

*CHANGE* if WBI client is member of security group that has Forbidden rights set for Object.WorkorderService, the Service Workorder menu option will not even show on the menu bar (makes it easier for the client as don't even have to explain it as not needed).


AyaNova OLI 7.0.2

*FIX* resolved issue with generating a service workorder or a schedule marker from an email when connecting through an AyaNova Data Portal connection.


Jan 24 2011


AyaNova 7.0.1

*NEW* Password masking now occurs with XP and Windows 2003

AyaNova QBI 7.0.1

*FIX* resolved issue if QuickBooks clients start with a character other than a letter, will now display in the Map & Import list (i.e. if previously had a client called #1 Plumbing, that client won't display because of the # as the first character)

AyaNova OLI 7.0.1

*FIX* resolved issue with client selection window not displaying when generating a service workorder from an email, or not displaying the AyaNova schedule marker window when generating a schedule marker from an email


January 17 2011


AyaNova 7.0

*IMPROVED* AyaNova speed improvement - A caching improvement means objects are opened faster when they are used more than once. For example a workorder or report will open much faster the second and subsequent times.

*IMPROVED* AyaNova now uses the .net 4 framework, this is the latest version of the .net framework from Microsoft and is the foundation upon which AyaNova runs. Amongst many internal improvements, the new framework ensures the best possible speed and stability of AyaNova at it's foundations.

*IMPROVED* All user interface and reporting components used in AyaNova have been upgraded to their latest stable versions taking advantage of speed and usability improvements. Some examples are the custom filter screen, and that the scripts in report designer now all displayed together as now need to go hunting to find which labels or bands has scripts.

*NEW* Work order form header area customization - Major new feature allows you to hide fields and labels in the work order header area. *Many* of you have asked for the ability to hide unused fields on the work order form, now you can do that easily with a few clicks right in the work order form itself simplifying the work order form for your staff.

*NEW* Work order form sub section area customization - Major new feature allows you to hide entire subsections on the work order form (Expenses, Loans etc) that you don't use in your company. This will simplify input and entry for your staff.

*NEW* Date and time fields time picker control - Many people have asked for a drop down time picker control in AyaNova like we added to WBI as it's a fantastic time saver, we couldn't find one that was suitable so we wrote our own. It's simple and effective. The new drop down time picker component in AyaNova will save your staff a *lot* of time entering data in AyaNova.

*NEW* Work order form default start time - New global setting that is a big time saver and convenience for those that would like to set a default start time in new scheduled user records.

*NEW* Schedule form default date - AyaNova will "remember" the last time span you were viewing when you logged out and automatically go to it in a smart way* If you were last viewing the current day it will open on the current day. If you were last viewing a specific time period outside of the current day it will open to that same time period saving you time having to navigate to that time period again.

*NEW* Schedule form default open or closed - AyaNova will default to the last setting used when you log out for the Open or Open and Closed workorders toggle button.

*NEW* Part inventory adjustments grid - Expanding your inventory management abilities, the new Part Adjustments Items grid is where you can easily and quickly filter and sort as needed to obtain reports on parts manually brought into inventory.

*NEW* Main grids last row count default - AyaNova will now remember the setting last used for the number of rows to display in grids and automatically use that setting when you next log in. This was a popularly requested feature. We originally put in the row filter to help people with slower equipment and larger databases however with all the speed improvements in AyaNova and in hardware and software platforms AyaNova runs on these days, for many users it's not as much of an issue and they just want to see all records always. This feature should alleviate that problem.

*NEW* Schedule form navigator bold dates - This is a very handy new feature to make it easier to see at a glance what days in the month you have something scheduled without having to actually view that day, the date navigator now shows dates bolded that have one or more scheduled items. We've wanted to do this for a while and this feature was now practical due to improvements in the underlying scheduling components.

*NEW* Service workorder / Quote / PM - When generating a service work order from source quote or PM, the WIKI page will also be automatically copied to the service work order which ensures that you are always getting all needed info with the generated service workorder.

*ADDED* Client notifications based on Workorder Status - Previously you could send a notification to a customer if their work order's status had changed to a specific value. People loved this feature but wanted to do it for more than one status and so we've changed that area to a grid that allows you to select as many status changes as you wish. For example, you might want your client automatically emailed a client claim receipt report when workorder is accepted for service - so have a specific workorder status created for that; you might want the client automatically emailed when need their approval before continuing - so have a specific workorder status for that; so many possibilities!

*ADDED* Client notifications based on Quote - New type of client notification when a Quote for a client is set to a certain status the client can automatically be emailed with a customizable message and copy of the quote report. For those that do a lot of quoting this can be a *HUGE* time saving feature.

*ADDED* User notification on quote created / updated - Your AyaNova users can subscribe to be notified when a quote is created / updated. Schedule service as soon as possible to maintain revenue by being notified as soon as a quote is created or updated.

*ADDED* Unit display formats - More name display options for those that wish to include more information in their reports regarding the unit - for example, not just the serial number but also the vendor, model number and model name.

*IMPROVED* Notification system - Now problems with notification delivery via SMTP display a better error message simplifying troubleshooting email notification delivery.

*IMPROVED* Wiki pages last edit auditing - The wiki page now features the record history button like all other objects in AyaNova making it easy to see who last edited and when.

*ADDED* Quote workorder status added - A total of six different quote statuses are now available. As always, you can localize to what works best for your company, as the text used is just an example.

*ADDED* Part inventory adjustments grid - Now you can print a detailed style report right from the grid for multiple items. Previously you could only print a detailed report from the individual adjustment item form.

*CHANGE* Object.Workorder removed - simplifies security group settings. Do note if use WBI Client access, make sure to check your WBI Client security group settings

*IMPROVED* User name display formats - Now includes additional selections that include the Region name. This means throughout AyaNova at a glance you can see what Region a user belongs to ensuring correct scheduling.

*IMPROVED* Schedule form user name column headings - Now the Schedule form column headings conform to the global setting for user name display formats. This means you can not only view the user names in the format you choose but in conjunction with the new Region option for user name display formats you can include the region name making dispatching much easier.

*IMPROVED* Main grid form autorefresh - To always keep you up to date, AyaNova auto-refreshes the main grids approximately every 5 minutes. But for those that are working their way through a large list of records directly in a grid, you can now turn Auto-refresh off if needed

*CHANGE* refresh selectable items in Global Settings - Can now refresh drop down lists such as Tax Codes when editing via Global Settings without having to exit out of AyaNova and back in before able to see new entries.

*IMPROVED* Notification grid row resize - Messages in the notification delivery log grid are often multi line, before you could hover the mouse over to view all the lines but it wasn't ideal, now the rows can simply be resized bringing this grid into line with all the other main grids in AyaNova.

*IMPROVED* Popup notifications - Completely new user interface for popup notifications, now displays as a "billboard" that slides up in the lower right corner and slowly fades. Hovering the mouse over it will keep it in view, clicking on it will open a detailed list of all popups. Users of many other popular software applications will be immediately familiar with this style of interface.

*IMPROVED* Banked service hover display in workorder - Major improvement, now shows *exactly* which service bank is in effect for that particular item and the balance. Takes into account whether a unit is selected with it's own service bank or if the client or head office service bank is in effect. This will be a tremendous time saver to service people entering data in a service bank scenario.

*IMPROVED* Schedule user - Now a warning displays if you attempt to schedule a technician for a client who is not visible to that technician due to differing regions. No more accidentally scheduling a tech who is unable to view the scheduled item for that client. Note that it does not prevent you from doing this, just warns you; some have requested that they still be able to do it for various reasons.

*IMPROVED* Service workorder / Quote / PM - To help you make sure you see what quantity was quoted in a Quote or required in a PM, the Quantity Quoted or Quantity Required column in the Parts subsection of the generated workorder will now always display to the left - so no chance of accidentally missing the quantity required.

*IMPROVED* Service workorder / Quote / PM - A work order generated from a quote or PM that has a serialized part quoted no longer requires you to delete the generated serialized part record then re-enter it to select a serial number, now you can just select the serial number right on the generated line.

*IMPROVED* Service Workorder - A work order that has a unit meter reading attached to it was previously undeleteable. Now when the work order is deleted if there is a unit meter reading it is deleted automatically as well allowing the work order to be deleted.

*IMPROVED* Service workorder / Quote / PM - Print menu option in workorder entry screen set so that now you don't have to actually click on the drop down arrow, can just click on the menu option itself

*IMPROVED* Service / Quote / PM Templates grids - With our continual improvement of design from the user's viewpoint, we have now included the ability to open the template by clicking on it's description in addition the previous method of clicking on it's number.

*CHANGE* Service workorder / Quote / PM grids - If Custom Fields not enabled for workorder item, the Custom Fields grid will no longer display in the navigation pane

*IMPROVED* Login screen no longer always *on top* - the AyaNova login screen will no longer force itself to on top in front of existing other programs, which is useful if you are in the middle of working in something else and not yet ready to log in.

*CHANGE* menu options and subsections that do not have data entered are now grayed out so is much easier to distinguish what has additional data or not


AyaNova plugins 7.0

*NEW* Plugins from the grid - The plugin menu is now available in main grid right click context menu. This means for example that you can now export a client record right from the main grid list saving having to open records one by one to operate on them.

AyaNova Import Export CSV plugin 7.0

*IMPROVED* Import Export CSV plugin simplified - Big usability improvement and time saver* now you no longer have to have your import data csv file for clients, parts or units in a predefined order, you can simply select which of your columns in your CSV file import into which fields into AyaNova right in the plugin itself.


AyaNova QBI 7.0

*NEW* Can now choose to invoice workorders for the same customer individually. This was requested for those that need to have a single work order per invoice rather than the default method of QBI which is to group as many workorders per invoice as possible.


AyaNova WBI 7.0

*NEW* Signature capture - If you have MBI or WBI and a supported browser you can now capture your clients signature *onsite* with no special hardware or software and print the signature image on service work order reports. This feature has been widely requested for some time and we've really wanted to do it however it wasn't until just recently with the prevalence of the modern HTML 5 compatible web browser that we were able to offer a practical solution.

*NEW* Signature capture customize text - to go with the signature capture feature we've added global settings so you can set what the customer sees on the signature form in three different areas.

*NEW* WBI technician interface drop down list boxes - Now all drop down combo boxes in WBI feature the same time saving multi character auto complete feature as you've come to rely on in AyaNova. This means you can quickly select an item from a drop down list by typing the first few letters.

*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - Unit serviced now displays in customer's WBI workorder list.

*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - Customer can now select a menu option to show open workorders only or all workorders.

*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - You can now specify individual custom html fragments to display at the top and bottom of all WBI forms viewed by your customers. This allows you to, for example, put a logo and contact information on all your WBI pages viewed by your customers.

*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - You can now optionally allow clients to view the wikipage of their service work orders. This is useful if, for example, you provide a report to the client as part of the service you provide and want to attach it to the workorder and have them view it directly from thier WBI client login.

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