AyaNova Lite

for the one man repair shop that needs basics only!

"I am truly amazed at the service and support given by you and the company. It is almost unheard of these days."
Jason Dumont − Alco Appliance - Beltsville, Maryland, USA

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This AyaNova Lite desktop application is great for a one man service organization that have no need for the service management features of the full AyaNova nor remote access nor network access.

Use on your laptop and take with you!

Check out AyaNova Lite's features listed below!


drag and drop, view schedule at a glance

Familiar Outlook style schedule screen which you can view, compare and edit by easy drag and drop any schedule date range you need whether single day, 5 days, week, month etc

Block out unavailable time (vacations, holidays, personal appointments etc) and set reminders.

Service management

maintain a history of service provided


Record details in preparation of service and about service provided including status at each stage, priority, service to be performed, scheduled start and stop, billable items (labor and parts).

View previous service history easily with AyaNova service management software.


use as is, customize further, and/or create your own

Your AyaNova Lite database comes with over 50 sample report templates - use as is, customize further, and/or create your own!

View customizable productivity reports on your billable hours, response times, and much more.

AyaNova's internal report template designer gives you full control over what shows and does not show in your reports.

Print preview, print to your printer, export to a file, and/or email.


search for any entered text


Save time with the tools to solve issues faster by referring to previously entered information.

All data entered into AyaNova is indexed on the fly and available to be searched immediately allowing for quick look up of previous entered information such as how a problem was resolved.


AyaNova Lite work order entry screen

Generate customizable invoices from billable items entered in service workorders easily and quickly.

Generate detailed financial reports for each customer.

Synchronize your billable details with either the optional add-on QuickBooks interface QBI or the optional add-on Peachtree interface PTI

Single computer configuration

Try for 30 days


No need for internet access - install directly to your laptop and take with you!

At only $49, AyaNova Lite work order software is very affordable.

Your license includes support, updates and upgrades for one year with easy and affordable subscription renewals.

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