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Suggested order to get started with QBI

We suggest the following order from installation, configuration, initial mapping before using QBI for invoicing AyaNova completed service workorders into QuickBooks invoices.

Of course, you can also do your importing/linking as you go along, this is just a suggestion.

Install QBI

Link the data between AyaNova and QuickBooks by

Set invoice descriptive text

Choose what extra information besides charge line items gets written to the QuickBooks invoice by setting the descriptive text template.

If you give a copy of the work order report from AyaNova to the Customer when invoicing then you would not need to set much more than the Work order number for the descriptive text on the QuickBooks Invoice as the work order report contains all the relevant information and you may only need to indicate the Work order number on the Invoice to match them up.

If you do not give a copy of the work order report to the Customer with the invoice then you can choose to add more information from the work order to be included directly in the QuickBooks Invoice such as workorder number(s), schedulable user(s) that performed the service, start and stop Labor times, workorder item summaries, details from each Labor item and much more.

Invoice work orders

  • Invoicing the Work orders
  • Confirm in QuickBooks that the service workorder information was invoiced out correctly
  • Confirm in AyaNova that the invoice number for the corresponding service workorder(s) was entered in Invoice #: field, service workorder set to closed, status set to that entered in preferences