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Exporting from QuickBooks

You can use QBI to export objects from QuickBooks to AyaNova.

(You can also do it the other way around)

How to export from QuickBooks

Open the form

Use the "Link and Synchronize" menu option from the main menu:

link and sync menu option

to open the "Link & Sync" form:

link and sync form

Cached lists of AyaNova objects are displayed on the left side in a table and cached lists of QuickBooks Items are displayed in the right side table.

Select an object type

In this form you select the type of object you want to work with from the "Object type" menu option:

link menu object type

When you select an object type the data tables will change to show objects of that type in AyaNova and one or more types of Items from QuickBooks that potentially match the AyaNova type.

Select Rows to export

Select one ore more Rows of objects in the QuickBooks table to be exported to AyaNova

An entire row must be selected, it is not sufficient to select a single cell in the table.

Rows are selected by clicking on their row header:

select rows

Individual rows can be selected by holding down the Control key while clicking on each separate row to be selected.

You can also click on a row selector and drag up or down to select mutltiple contiguous rows.

If you simply want to select all rows you can click on the header row selector at the top:

select all rows


Once you have selected the rows of QuickBooks Items to be exported to AyaNova, click on the "Export selected items" menu option:

link and sync export selected items menu option

You will be prompted for confirmation:

export to aya confirm

Select "Yes" to continue, QBI will create objects in AyaNova and refresh the two tables once the operation has completed showing the newly created objects and their link state.

Things to know

Export Vendors before Parts

If exporting QuickBooks items into AyaNova Parts, be sure to export their Vendors first so QBI can connect the Vendor in AyaNova to the Part which is important for several features in AyaNova such as warranty information, purchase orders etc.

Tax codes

QuickBooks Tax Codes are not importable into AyaNova. An invoice in QuickBooks created by QBI uses the tax codes set up for the QuickBooks object (i.e. Customer) - QBI does not transfer or do anything with the tax code selected in the AyaNova service workorder.