What's new in AyaNova 7

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What's new in AyaNova 7


We are very pleased to present AyaNova 7


AyaNova 7 has included the most widely requested features reported to our support staff and posted on our wish list forum.  


There are some huge new features and dozens of improvements in all areas that will simplify using AyaNova and most importantly save you and your staff time.


Please take a few minutes to go over the list of changes / improvements that include:





New Features

Expanded Features







*CHANGE* Uninstall now gives the option to completely remove the database files (Cancel to keep).  Don't worry it double checks with the user before doing so and you all backup regularly anyway right? :)


*CHANGE* Help -> License menu option now available whether logged in as AyaNova Administrator or not, and gives helpful info reminding logged in user of need to log in as AyaNova Administrator to edit in this area.


*CHANGE as of AyaNova 7.4* AyaNova has moved to an annual subscription license model for email support, updates and upgrades.








*IMPROVED* AyaNova speed improvement - A caching improvement means objects are opened faster when they are used more than once.  For example a workorder or report will open much faster the second and subsequent times.


*IMPROVED* AyaNova now uses the .net 4 framework, this is the latest version of the .net framework from Microsoft and is the foundation upon which AyaNova runs.  Amongst many internal improvements, the new framework ensures the best possible speed and stability of AyaNova at it's foundations.


*IMPROVED* Installation of web interfaces - due the .net 4 framework, installation of WBI and MBI is simplified.


*IMPROVED* All user interface and reporting components used in AyaNova have been upgraded to their latest stable versions taking advantage of speed and usability improvements. Some examples are the custom filter screen, and that the scripts in report designer now all displayed together as now need to go hunting to find which labels or bands has scripts.







*IMPROVED* Import Export CSV plugin simplified - Big usability improvement and time saver* now you no longer have to have your import data csv file for clients, parts or units in a predefined order, you can simply select which of your columns in your CSV file import into which fields into AyaNova right in the plugin itself.


*NEW* Plugins from the grid - The plugin menu is now available in main grid right click context menu. This means for example that you can now export a client record right from the main grid list saving having to open records one by one to operate on them.


*NEW* QBI QuickBooks plugin - Can now choose to invoice workorders for the same customer individually.  This was requested for those that need to have a single work order per invoice rather than the default method of QBI which is to group as many workorders per invoice as possible.


*NEW* Signature capture - If you have MBI or WBI and a supported browser you can now capture your clients signature *onsite* with no special hardware or software and print the signature image on service work order reports.  This feature has been widely requested for some time and we've really wanted to do it however it wasn't until just recently with the prevalence of the modern HTML 5 compatible web browser that we were able to offer a practical solution.


*NEW* Signature capture customize text - to go with the signature capture feature we've added global settings so you can set what the customer sees on the signature form in three different areas.


*NEW* WBI technician interface drop down list boxes - Now all drop down combo boxes in WBI feature the same time saving multi character auto complete feature as you've come to rely on in AyaNova.  This means you can quickly select an item from a drop down list by typing the first few letters.


*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - Unit serviced now displays in customer's WBI workorder list.


*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - Customer can now select a menu option to show open workorders only or all workorders.  


*ADDED to WBI Client interface* - You can now specify individual custom html fragments to display at the top and bottom of all WBI forms viewed by your customers.  This allows you to, for example, put a logo and contact information on all your WBI pages viewed by your customers.


*ADDED to  WBI Client interface* - You can now optionally allow clients to view the wikipage of their service work orders.  This is useful if, for example, you provide a report to the client as part of the service you provide and want to attach it to the workorder and have them view it directly from thier WBI client login.


*ADDED* Additional preset date selections for your filters in your desktop AyaNova as well as in WBI and RI


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.3* Our RI (Responsive Interface) remote access option - quick access through your web browser (no need to install on device!) to edit, update and create workorders, quotes, PMs, clients, units and parts while away from the office regardless of what type of device (Android, Iphone, tablet, laptop, and/or computer!)


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.3* Our Client RI remote access option for client access


*IMPROVED as of AyaNova 7.5*  WBI signature field displays larger for ease of entry


*IMPROVED as of AyaNova 7.5* WBI signature parsing code added to handle unusual browser canvas implementations


*IMPROVED as of AyaNova 7.5*  RI signature field displays larger for ease of entry


*IMPROVED as of AyaNova 7.5* RI signature parsing code added to handle unusual browser canvas implementations


*NEW* ClientRemover plugin makes it easy to remove one or multiple Clients and all their linked data such as Workorders, Quotes, PMs, and Units.





New Features



*NEW* Work order form header area customization - Major new feature allows you to hide fields and labels in the work order header area.  *Many* of you have asked for the ability to hide unused fields on the work order form, now you can do that easily with a few clicks right in the work order form itself simplifying the work order form for your staff.


*NEW* Work order form sub section area customization - Major new feature allows you to hide entire subsections on the work order form (Expenses, Loans etc) that you don't use in your company.  This will simplify input and entry for your staff.


*NEW* Date and time fields time picker control - Many people have asked for a drop down time picker control in AyaNova like we added to WBI as it's a fantastic time saver, we couldn't find one that was suitable so we wrote our own.  It's simple and effective.  The new drop down time picker component in AyaNova will save your staff a *lot* of time entering data in AyaNova.


*NEW* Work order form default start time - New global setting that is a big time saver and convenience for those that would like to set a default start time in new scheduled user records.


*NEW* Schedule form default date - AyaNova will "remember" the last time span you were viewing when you logged out and automatically go to it in a smart way* If you were last viewing the current day it will open on the current day.  If you were last viewing a specific time period outside of the current day it will open to that same time period saving you time having to navigate to that time period again.


*NEW* Schedule form default open or closed - AyaNova will default to the last setting used when you log out for the Open or Open and Closed workorders toggle button.


*NEW* Part inventory adjustments grid - Expanding your inventory management abilities, the new Part Adjustments Items grid is where you can easily and quickly filter and sort as needed to obtain reports on parts manually brought into inventory.  


*NEW* Main grids last row count default - AyaNova will now remember the setting last used for the number of rows to display in grids and automatically use that setting when you next log in.  This was a popularly requested feature. We originally put in the row filter to help people with slower equipment and larger databases however with all the speed improvements in AyaNova and in hardware and software platforms AyaNova runs on these days, for many users it's not as much of an issue and they just want to see all records always. This feature should alleviate that problem.


*NEW* Schedule form navigator bold dates - This is a very handy new feature to make it easier to see at a glance what days in the month you have something scheduled without having to actually view that day, the date navigator now shows dates bolded that have one or more scheduled items.  We've wanted to do this for a while and this feature was now practical due to improvements in the underlying scheduling components.


*NEW* Service workorder / Quote / PM - When generating a service work order from source quote or PM,  the WIKI page will also be automatically copied to the service work order which ensures that you are always getting all needed info with the generated service workorder.


*NEW* Localize on the fly from within the entry screen itself - easily and quickly edit what label text shows for the entry screen you are viewing, as only the field labels showing will display.


*NEW* Show all... right-click grid option - quickly display all units, service workorders, quotes and/or PM's records byright-clicking on the record in the grid


*NEW* Show all... menu option - quickly display all units, service workorders, quotes and/or PM's records via the menu option Show all...


*NEW* Network Generator service log will now display the name of the registered database


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.5* Schedule Marker grid in User navigation pane displays all Schedule Marker / Follow Ups assigned specifically to this user, to the Dispatch Zone this user is a member of, to  the Region this user is a member of, to the Scheduleable User Group this user is a member of or if assigned to Global.


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.5* Schedule Marker grid in Administration navigation pane displays all assigned Schedule Marker / Follow Ups for all users, all Dispatch Zones, all Regions and all Scheduleable User Groups or if assigned to Global


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.5* Service workorder/quote/PM templates each now have a setting that will dictate when generating the order from the template,  whether to use the part price in the template OR to use the current part price from the part record itself. Useful when a template was created before part prices were updated.


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.5* ImportExportCSV now includes import and export for Part Categories, Priorities, Unit Servce Types, Workorder Statuses, Workorder Categories, Workorder Item Types and Rates records.


*NEW as of AyaNova 7.5* ImportExportCSV Duplicate option now includes the ability to update existing Rates






Expanded Features



*ADDED* Client notifications based on Workorder Status - Previously you could send a notification to a customer if their work order's status had changed to a specific value.  People loved this feature but wanted to do it for more than one status and so we've changed that area to a grid that allows you to select as many status changes as you wish. For example, you might want your client automatically emailed a client claim receipt report when workorder is accepted for service - so have a specific workorder status created for that; you might want the client automatically emailed when need their approval before continuing - so have a specific workorder status for that;  so many possibilities!


*ADDED* Client notifications based on Quote - New type of client notification when a Quote for a client is set to a certain status the client can automatically be emailed with a customizable message and copy of the quote report.  For those that do a lot of quoting this can be a *HUGE* time saving feature.


*ADDED* User notification on quote created / updated - Your AyaNova users can subscribe to be notified when a quote is created / updated. Schedule service as soon as possible to maintain revenue by being notified as soon as a quote is created or updated.


*ADDED* Unit display formats - More name display options for those that wish to include more information in their reports regarding the unit - for example, not just the serial number but also the vendor, model number and model name.


*IMPROVED* Notification system - Now problems with notification delivery via SMTP display a better error message simplifying troubleshooting email notification delivery.


*IMPROVED* Wiki pages last edit auditing - The wiki page now features the record history button like all other objects in AyaNova making it easy to see who last edited and when.


*ADDED* Quote workorder status added - A total of six different quote statuses are now available. As always, you can localize to what works best for your company, as the text used is just an example.


*ADDED* Part inventory adjustments grid - Now you can print a detailed style report right from the grid for multiple items.  Previously you could only print a detailed report from the individual adjustment item form.


*CHANGE* Object.Workorder removed - simplifies security group settings. Do note if use WBI Client access, make sure to check your WBI Client security group settings


*IMPROVED* User name display formats - Now includes additional selections that include the Region name.  This means throughout AyaNova at a glance you can see what Region a user belongs to ensuring correct scheduling.


*IMPROVED* Schedule form user name column headings - Now the Schedule form column headings conform to the global setting for user name display formats.  This means you can not only view the user names in the format you choose but in conjunction with the new Region option for user name display formats you can include the region name making dispatching much easier.


*IMPROVED* Main grid form autorefresh - To always keep you up to date, AyaNova auto-refreshes the main grids approximately every 5 minutes. But for those that are working their way through a large list of records directly in a grid, you can now turn Auto-refresh off if needed.


*CHANGE* refresh selectable items in Global Settings - Can now refresh drop down lists such as Tax Codes  when editing via Global Settings without having to exit out of AyaNova and back in before able to see new entries.


*IMPROVED* Notification grid row resize - Messages in the notification delivery log grid are often multi line, before you could hover the mouse over to view all the lines but it wasn't ideal, now the rows can simply be resized bringing this grid into line with all the other main grids in AyaNova.


*IMPROVED* Popup notifications - Completely new user interface for popup notifications, now displays as a "billboard" that slides up in the lower right corner and slowly fades.  Hovering the mouse over it will keep it in view, clicking on it will open a detailed list of all popups.  Users of many other popular software applications will be immediately familiar with this style of interface.  


*IMPROVED* Banked service hover display in workorder - Major improvement, now shows *exactly* which service bank is in effect for that particular item and the balance.  Takes into account whether a unit is selected with it's own service bank or if the client or head office service bank is in effect.  This will be a tremendous time saver to service people entering data in a service bank scenario.


*IMPROVED* Schedule user - Now a warning displays if you attempt to schedule a technician for a client who is not visible to that technician due to differing regions.  No more accidentally scheduling a tech who is unable to view the scheduled item for that client.  Note that it does not prevent you from doing this, just warns you; some have requested that they still be able to do it for various reasons.


*IMPROVED* Service workorder / Quote / PM - To help you make sure you see what quantity was quoted in a Quote or required in a PM, the Quantity Quoted or Quantity Required column in the Parts subsection of the generated workorder will now always display to the left - so no chance of accidentally missing the quantity required.


*IMPROVED* Service workorder / Quote / PM - A work order generated from a quote or PM that has a serialized part quoted no longer requires you to delete the generated serialized part record then re-enter it to select a serial number, now you can just select the serial number right on the generated line.


*IMPROVED* Service Workorder - A work order that has a unit meter reading attached to it was previously undeleteable.  Now when the work order is deleted if there is a unit meter reading it is deleted automatically as well allowing the work order to be deleted.


*IMPROVED* Service workorder / Quote / PM - Print menu option in workorder entry screen set so that now you don't have to actually click on the drop down arrow, can just click on the menu option itself


*IMPROVED* Service / Quote / PM Templates grids - With our continual improvement of design from the user's viewpoint, we have now included the ability to open the template by clicking on it's description in addition the previous method of clicking on it's number.


*CHANGE* Service workorder / Quote / PM grids  - If Custom Fields not enabled for workorder item, the Custom Fields grid will no longer display in the navigation pane


*IMPROVED* Login screen no longer always *on top* - the AyaNova login screen will no longer force itself to on top in front of existing other programs, which is useful if you are in the middle of working in something else and not yet ready to log in.


*CHANGE* menu options and subsections that do not have data entered are now grayed out so is much easier to distinguish what has additional data or not


*CHANGE* Schedule screen's not assigned column now displays text instead of "-" so more obvious to the logged in user the column's use.


*ADDED as of AyaNova 7.4* Command line option to use your operating system's default font in AyaNova.


*ADDED as of AyaNova 7.5* Added the bool field Completed to the Schedule Marker / Follow Up screen with which can filter and sort in the new Schedule Marker grids


*ADDED as of AyaNova 7.5* Purchase Order detailed type report templates now includes Unit of Measure datafield in the PurchaseOrderListPurchaseOrderList dataset which can be easily dragged into any existing/new Detailed type report template from the Purchase Order grid


*ADDED as of AyaNova 7.5* ToMSSQL now reports on specific broken GUIDs if applicable, to facilitate troubleshooting of record issues in a Firebird database.


*ADDED as of AyaNova 7.5* Show all... - Right-click grid option and menu option added for Loan Items to have AyaNova automatically filter and display the workorders where this loan item was previously and presently selected.


*ADDED as of AyaNova 7.5* Added two additional Unit Display Formats in Global Settings to facilitate those without Unit Models to distinguish the correct unit to select by its Description.


*IMPROVED as of AyaNova 7.5* Wo/Quote/PM template's Wikipage AND wikifiles will now be replicated to the generated wo/quote/PM from the wo/quote/PM template.