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Customer import / update specifications

Names of fields listed here are the exact case and spelling required to be recognized by AyaNova for importing / updating.

Any field in the import file that is not listed on this page will be removed before sending to the server for import.

Required fields

  • Name

Key field used to match to existing records

  • Name

Fields directly importable / updateable

  • Name (import only)
  • Active
  • Notes
  • Wiki
  • Tags
  • WebAddress
  • AlertNotes
  • BillHeadOffice (MUST specify a HeadOfficeViz if this is true. This field must contain a value if supplied.)
  • TechNotes
  • AccountNumber
  • ContractExpires
  • Phone1
  • Phone2
  • Phone3
  • Phone4
  • Phone5
  • EmailAddress
  • PostAddress
  • PostCity
  • PostRegion
  • PostCountry
  • PostCode
  • Address
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • AddressPostal
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

Linked object fields

The following linked objects are supported for importing / updating:

  • HeadOffice via "HeadOfficeViz" field which must contain the name of an existing HeadOffice. BillHeadOffice must be included and set to true to use this field.
  • Contract via "ContractViz" field which must contain the name of an existing Contract. If the Contract is specified then the ContractExpires field can be used to set the expiry date of the Contract. If ContractExpires is omitted then it is set to the import date and time minus 1 minute so that it won't take effect until it's been set to a future date.

JSON file format

The .json file must contain an array of one or more objects.

        "Name": "Armstrong LLC",
        "Active": true,
        "Notes": "Ergonomic empowering project",
        "Wiki": null,
        "Tags": [
        "WebAddress": "",
        "AlertNotes": null,
        "BillHeadOffice": true,
        "HeadOfficeViz": "XYZ Head Office",
        "TechNotes": null,
        "AccountNumber": "88129181",
        "ContractViz": "Gold",
        "ContractExpires": "2023-12-30T00:00:00Z",
        "Phone1": "(948) 817-1939",
        "Phone2": "768-686-6990",
        "Phone3": "(343) 810-7973",
        "Phone4": null,
        "Phone5": null,
        "EmailAddress": "",
        "PostAddress": "7942 Herman Dale",
        "PostCity": "Mabelville",
        "PostRegion": "Michigan",
        "PostCountry": "Denmark",
        "PostCode": "53147",
        "Address": "7937 Dale Estates",
        "City": "Mabelville",
        "Region": "Michigan",
        "Country": "Denmark",
        "Latitude": 46.805900,
        "Longitude": -64.101600
        "Name": "Adams Inc",
        "Active": true,
        "Notes": "Stand-alone clear-thinking contingency",
        "Wiki": null,
        "Tags": [
        "WebAddress": "",
        "AlertNotes": null,
        "BillHeadOffice": false,
        "TechNotes": null,
        "AccountNumber": "27263133",
        "Phone1": "534.467.2146",
        "Phone2": "(897) 987-0916 x510",
        "Phone3": "(389) 833-8807",
        "Phone4": null,
        "Phone5": null,
        "EmailAddress": "",
        "PostAddress": "398 Mary Ridge",
        "PostCity": "East Colbyberg",
        "PostRegion": "Rhode Island",
        "PostCountry": "Sierra Leone",
        "PostCode": "41587",
        "Address": "720 Jennie Green",
        "City": "East Colbyberg",
        "Region": "Rhode Island",
        "Country": "Sierra Leone",
        "Latitude": 23.620900,
        "Longitude": -0.382100
        "Name": "Bartell Inc",
        "Active": true,
        "Notes": "Devolved asynchronous info-mediaries",
        "Wiki": null,
        "Tags": [
        "WebAddress": "",
        "AlertNotes": null,
        "BillHeadOffice": false,
        "TechNotes": null,
        "AccountNumber": "28202278",
        "Phone1": "670.690.0352 x841",
        "Phone2": "1-687-856-1614",
        "Phone3": "1-665-462-1998 x08190",
        "Phone4": null,
        "Phone5": null,
        "EmailAddress": "",
        "PostAddress": "5112 Stanley Heights",
        "PostCity": "North Hazelport",
        "PostRegion": "Alabama",
        "PostCountry": "Turkey",
        "PostCode": "53994",
        "Address": "5111 Wilkinson Bypass",
        "City": "North Hazelport",
        "Region": "Alabama",
        "Country": "Turkey",
        "Latitude": 47.351400,
        "Longitude": 161.438500

CSV file format

The first row of the .csv file must contain column headers that match the field names listed above.

Armstrong LLC,true,Ergonomic empowering project,,"black,purple,quince,zone1,zone4",,,true,XYZ Head Office,,88129181,Gold,2023-12-30T00:00:00Z,(948) 817-1939,768-686-6990,(343) 810-7973,,,,7942 Herman Dale,Mabelville,Michigan,Denmark,53147,7937 Dale Estates,Mabelville,Michigan,Denmark,46.8059,-64.1016
Adams Inc,true,Stand-alone clear-thinking contingency,,zone3,,,false,,,27263133,,,534.467.2146,(897) 987-0916 x510,(389) 833-8807,,,,398 Mary Ridge,East Colbyberg,Rhode Island,Sierra Leone,41587,720 Jennie Green,East Colbyberg,Rhode Island,Sierra Leone,23.6209,-0.3821
Bartell Inc,true,Devolved asynchronous info-mediaries,,zone7,,,false,,,28202278,,,670.690.0352 x841,1-687-856-1614,1-665-462-1998 x08190,,,,5112 Stanley Heights,North Hazelport,Alabama,Turkey,53994,5111 Wilkinson Bypass,North Hazelport,Alabama,Turkey,47.3514,161.4385