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Server error codes

AyaNova will provide a numeric server error code when an error arises. All AyaNova server error codes start with the letter E followed by a number in the range 1000-1999.

Server error codes are different from API error codes which are intended for software and developers using the AyaNova developers API.

The purpose of numeric error codes is to make it easier to search for and communicate errors to technical support if necessary.

In most cases where an error occurs there will be more detailed information about the error in the log file.

Here are all the error codes that can be returned by the AyaNova server:

E1000 Could not connect to the database specified in the connection string.
E1010 Could not find wwwRoot folder. AyaNova must be started from the folder immediately above wwwRoot. Generally the start folder should be the same folder as AyaNova.dll file.
E1012 Missing resource folder. AyaNova was started from the wrong location or was not installed properly.
E1013 Missing translation resource file was deleted, renamed or not installed correctly. Resource translation files are required to load into a new AyaNova database to display text in several translations for the user interface
E1015 Missing translation. One or more of the stock translations were not found in the database or a custom translation specified in the config setting AYANOVA_DEFAULT_TRANSLATION is missing from the database. Log will have details.
E1020 Licensing related error. The message will contain the explanation
E1030 AyaNova database failed an integrity check. Contact support immediately.
E1040 File location environment variables for backup files and user files were found to be the same location and must not be
E1090 AyaNova failed to start due to an unexpected error during boot.