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Inventory import specifications

Names of fields listed here are the exact case and spelling required to be recognized by AyaNova for importing.

Any field in the import file that is not listed on this page will be removed before sending to the server for import.

Import only

Inventory transactions can only be imported, not updated.

Required fields

  • Description (if left empty the import Tag is used)
  • PartViz (Must match name of existing Part)
  • PartWarehouseViz (Must match name of existing Part warehouse)
  • Quantity

Fields directly importable

  • Description
  • Quantity

JSON file format

The .json file must contain an array of one or more objects.

        "Description": "Import test add to inventory",
        "PartViz": "048902",
        "PartWarehouseViz": "Default",
        "Quantity": 1
        "Description": "Import test remove from inventory",
        "PartViz": "048902",
        "PartWarehouseViz": "Default",
        "Quantity": -1

CSV file format

The first row of the .csv file must contain column headers that match the field names listed above.

csvImport test add to inventory,"048902",Default,1