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Direct notification

Direct notifications are a quick way to send a short message to one or more other AyaNova users and have it appear in their in app notifications form.

In app notifications will trigger an alert in the notification "Bell" icon displayed in the App bar at the top of AyaNova.

This is a separate feature from the Memo system which is more like sending an email where there can be replies back and forth. A direct notification is a one way message to the User or Users selected.

Authorization Roles required

Direct notification is available to all users of AyaNova regardless of their roles.

How to access direct notification

From the in app notifications form select the Direct notification menu item.

Select one or more Users from the Users autocomplete list at the top of the form then enter a message below.

(Customer and Head office type Users are not available to be sent direct notifications)

Finally, click on the Save button in the menu or at the top of the form to have the message saved and ready for pick-up.