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Server maintenance

An AyaNova server should require very little ongoing maintenance, however there are a few things that need to be monitored on a regular basis.

Authorization Roles required

Operations specific tasks performed within the AyaNova user interface required the following roles:

Full access

  • System operations

Read only access

  • System operations - restricted

The restricted role is ideal for giving access to a non technical staff member to monitor the server operations but not make changes that could break anything.


The single most important ongoing task is ensuring the backup process is working properly and monitoring it. A full backup consists of a backup of the PostgreSQL AyaNova database and a backup of the attachment files that are stored in the file system. It is not sufficient to merely allow AyaNova to backup to it's own drive, it's critically important that backups be stored off-site physically far away from the AyaNova server to ensure business recovery is possible in the event of a theft, fire or other disaster.

See the backup guide for details.


The AyaNova client server metrics form in the AyaNova user interface is an important resource to monitor the ongoing health of the AyaNova server and ensure that it has enough resources to perform adequately. Metrics should be reviewed on an ongoing and regular basis to view changes over time and ensure the server isn't running out of resources like memory or disk space (for example) that could slow down or even prevent the server from performing it's tasks.


The AyaNova client server logs are available primarily for when things go wrong however it is good practice to examine them from time to time from an ongoing maintenance perspective to ensure nothing unusual is recurring such as logins from an unexpected location or a recurring warning message.


AyaNova's notification system provides several operations specific notifications of interest to people responsible for the AyaNova servers operations.


The server has a server job system which runs various tasks throughout the day in the background and also runs some tasks on demand from users. It's a good idea to monitor the job queue from time to time to look for anything unusual.