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Guided tour: Hide edit form fields

In this guided tour we'll remove (hide) some fields from a Customer edit form that are not required.

The same technique you learn here applies to any other type of form in AyaNova.

AyaNova comes with a lot of fields on forms but only a very small number of them are actually required, the rest are optional and it can be helpful to remove the ones you don't need.

By default AyaNova will show all the fields available on for a form so that you know what is available to you.

Hiding or showing form fields applies to all users of AyaNova equally.

For the Work order type forms AyaNova will automatially hide some sensitive fields such as costs and pricing and also hide entire areas from lower level Roles such as Subcontractors regardless of how they are customized.

The screen shots will show how AyaNova looks on a PC or tablet, if you are using a narrow screen device such as a smart phone your view will be slightly different but the functionality is the same.

If you don't already have AyaNova available to follow along, everything you need to get started is available here: Try AyaNova now.

1. Login as a user with permission to modify form fields

In AyaNova a User needs permission to view and make changes to objects, this permission is called an Authorization role in AyaNova and an administrator grants permissions to each User as required.

Only a User with the Business administration role can customize forms to remove or show fields.

For this tutorial you should login as a User with one of those Roles.

If you are using generated AyaNova sample data, we've provided a sample User for each type of Role so for this tour you should login as the Business Admin / BizAdmin sample User to follow along:

login as business admin user

2. Open a Customer edit form

Edit forms are customized from the type of form you want to edit.

When you are logged in as a BizAdmin role User a Customize menu option will appear in any form that can be Customized.

The Customize option is now available in new, empty records so you need to open an existing record to get to that option.

So the first step is to get to a Customer's edit form, it doesn't matter which Customer, any one will do.

Navigate to an area of AyaNova where Customers are displayed in their data table. There are a few different ways to get there but we'll use the simplest one for this tutorial and open a Customer from the Customers data table list.

Click on the "Hamburger" icon

In AyaNova the main way to navigate around is by using the navigation drawer which is an area that slides out on screen to choose where you want to go.

When logged in you can access the navigation drawer from what is commonly known as a "hamburger" icon (highlighted below) because it looks kind of like a hamburger:


Click on the hamburger icon to show the navigation drawer.

In the image below you can see the options available to the sample "Business admin" User generated by AyaNova. Users with a different set of Roles will see different options here.

nav drawer for biz admin

The area we want is "Customers" and the sub item also "Customers" so go ahead and click on that to cause AyaNova to navigate to the list of Customers previously entered in AyaNova:

customers data table

This list is known in AyaNova as a "Data table", data tables are used in many places in AyaNova for different kinds of objects. Data tables have many features and options to control what is displayed and how it's displayed so you can restrict the view to show only what is important for any given task.

Open a Customer record

Now click on any Customer's name in the list to open their record in the Customer edit form.

customer edit form

In the image above we can see the top part of a Customer edit form with all the fields showing by default. We'll stick with the top part so the images are easier to see in this manual but the steps apply to a field anywhere on a form.

3. Customize

Our example business doesn't need all those extra phone fields, we really only need the business phone and we don't need the extra Account number field so let's get rid of them.

Click on the menu button in the top right of the form. We're logged in as a Business Administration role user in step 1 so when we open the menu on a form we see a Customize option:

customize menu option

If you don't see a Customize menu option it means you're either not logged in as a User with the permission to customize forms or you are in a new empty record and haven't opened an existing record as required for customization.

Go ahead and click on Customize now to open the form customization interface:

customize form

In the image above you can see boxes representing each field that can be customized on this form.

The title at the top of each box shows how it displays in your current language on the form you just came from. Below that is the translation key

Fields that can not be customized are not shown on this form. For example the Customer "Name" field is required so it can not be hidden and is not displayed here.

In this form you can do other things besides hide fields for example making a field required (tour) or enabling Custom fields (tour).

For this tour we'll remove the checkmark from the "Visible" property to hide the following fields:

Account number, Fax, Home, Mobile, Pager

And click on the Save button at the top:

customize form save

Now click on your browser's back button to go back to the Customer form and those fields are now removed:

lighter customer edit form

AyaNova has a fluid layout system so there are no empty "holes" in the display, other fields just slide up or over to take the place of the hidden ones.

Other users

As soon as you saved the customization changes they took effect for all other Users as soon as they next open the Customer edit form. In other words if they were actively editing a Customer they wouldn't see a change but the moment they opened another Customer for editing the change would take effect.


You just realized you made a mistake and don't want to hide the Fax field as Faxes are actually used for some of your customers still (and faxes are making a comeback). No problem, no data has been lost, just click on Customize in the menu again and put a checkmark beside the Visible property in the Fax customization box, save your changes and faxes are back!

What happens to the data of a removed field?

Removing a field doesn't erase any data that might have been previously entered into that field, it's still there, just not showing in the form. You can show a field again later on if you find you need it when things change and your business grows.

Does removing a field from an edit form remove it from everywhere?

Removing a field from a edit form doesn't remove it from a report so in some cases you may also want to edit the report template to remove the field. Also it doesn't remove it from a data table however data tables are often changed anyway to show specific columns desired.