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Attachments folder setting

This setting controls where AyaNova stores user uploaded files used by features that allow file attachment or uploads. AyaNova stores these files with special names calculated from their digital signature (checksum) in a subdirectory in the folder specified.

Warning: this folder MUST NOT be the same location set for AYANOVA_BACKUP_FILES_PATH or AYANOVA_TEMP_FILES_PATH or AyaNova will not start.


If no override is specified AyaNova will store user files in a attachments folder in the location specified by AYANOVA_DATA_PATH setting.


AyaNova expects the user files folder path to be provided by a config.json property, environment variable or command line parameter named


The value specified should be a string containing a fully qualified file path for the platform.

Example LINUX config.json entry

  ...other properties...
  "AYANOVA_ATTACHMENT_FILES_PATH": "/var/lib/ayanova/attachments"

Example WINDOWS config.json entry (Back slashes need to be doubled in config.json file or the server will fail to start)

  ...other properties...
  "AYANOVA_ATTACHMENT_FILES_PATH": "c:\\ProgramData\\ayanova\\attachments"

Example command line parameter

ayanova.exe --AYANOVA_ATTACHMENT_FILES_PATH="/var/lib/ayanova/attachments"

Example environment variable


set "AYANOVA_ATTACHMENT_FILES_PATH=c:\ProgramData\ayanova\attachments"


export AYANOVA_ATTACHMENT_FILES_PATH="/var/lib/ayanova/attachments"