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Try AyaNova now

Start with a guided tour first

Before you download or try AyaNova you might want to take a guided tour first:

If you are considering AyaNova for your business and aren't sure where to start please see our guided tour Evaluation to production use which will enable you to quickly determine if AyaNova is a good match for your business and get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

Choose how you want to try AyaNova

Install AyaNova

This option is most appropriate for longer term trial evaluations or when you prefer to run AyaNova locally installed and know you won't be using AyaNova as a service hosted by us.

If you would like to download and try AyaNova on your own Windows or Linux computer everything you need is here in our installation guide.

After installation return here and continue to the requesting a trial license step to continue.


Try AyaNova as a service

This option is most appropriate when you are only interested in AyaNova as a service (i.e. not installed locally) and don't mind a shorter evaluation time frame.

You can try AyaNova for 7 days has a hosted service by requesting a trial subscription to get started.

Once your trial account is created return here and continue to the requesting a trial license step to continue.

Requesting a trial license

If this is your first time starting AyaNova and it has no database set up yet, the next step is to install an evaluation trial license.

How the trial license works

A evaluation trial license can be used to try out all aspects of AyaNova for the trial period.

Your data and settings made during the trial period are still intact when the trial period expires so if you decide at that point to purchase an AyaNova license you can opt to keep the data and settings made during the trial period or erase the data to start fresh.

In the case of a subscription hosted AyaNova trial your data will not be kept beyond the trial period unless an extension is requested before the trial expires or a purchase is made.

Length of trial period

Perpetual self installed AyaNova

The trial period for AyaNova downloaded and installed is 14 days. At the end of the 14 day period you can purchase a license and keep the data entered or start another 14 day trial period with a new trial license request from within AyaNova (will cause all data to be erased).

Subscription AyaNova service

The trial period for a Subscription AyaNova account is 7 days after which you can purchase a paid subscription and keep the data entered or the test account and any data entered will be erased automatically.

If you have entered data and want to keep it and continue evaluating your subscription trial period can be extended on request, contact AyaNova support department before the trial subscription expires.

Default SuperUser login

The built-in SuperUser User account in AyaNova is not a normal type of User and does not consume a license; it is used for specific special operations in AyaNova that could lead to loss of data or affect the operations of the server over all, for example when generating sample data in an evaluation.

The SuperUser account does not have access to business data such as Customers for example and can not be used for normal day to day operations in AyaNova.

The default login for the AyaNova SuperUser account is user name: superuser password: l3tm3in.

Before AyaNova is licensed and used in production or before you import / migrate or enter any real world data into an evaluation AyaNova you MUST change the sample User passwords or anyone could potentially login and view your data.

AyaNova will prompt you to change it if it discovers a login using the default superuser password with a non evaluation license.

Generating sample data

generate dialog

After you have installed AyaNova and requested an evaluation license AyaNova is empty and has no data entered yet, to make it easier to try out the features of AyaNova including following our guided tours, you can generate some random sample data so you have something to work with and learn from.

Note that only the SuperUser account can erase the database and generate sample data.

The Generate sample data button in the evaluate page opens a dialog to set the time zone desired for the sample data to be generated within and optionally set every generated object with an email address to the same specific address for testing notification features.

Note that sample data is randomly generated each time so all names and addresses are purely random and not intended to reflect any real world objects, people or places.

Database will be erased

Seeding will trigger erasure of all data in AyaNova in order to return it to a clean state with the following exceptions.

  • Global settings
  • Operations backup settings
  • Operations notification settings
  • Business logos
  • Reports (any missing stock report templates will be re-installed)

UTC offset

This setting exists to generate data within your local time zone's typical work day hours so that there aren't sample work orders generated that are scheduled for the middle of the night for example.

This field is automatically set based on the time zone of your device but can be set to any time zone offset desired.

Set all sample email addresses to this

This optional setting will override the usual random sample email addresses generated and instead set every object that can have an email address to the value entered here.

Used for simplifying testing of notification system to ensure all emails sent go to only one email address. Must be in the format of a valid email address.

Start job

The start job button will prompt if you're certain as this operation will erase any existing data. Once confirmed, the server will start the data generation job. While data is generating the server will be locked from access.

Sample Users

When AyaNova is in evaluation mode the login form has a list of sample User accounts available in order to more easily see the access available to each role during evaluation.

Selecting a sample user will fill in the login name and password fields based on the default login and passwords generated (it won't know if you change them later).

The sample users correspond to the different AyaNova authorization roles available and additionally have sample users set to use the different translations of AyaNova available besides the default English language translation.

The sample user login and password list is static meaning if you change any of those user's login name or password the login page won't know about that and will offer the stock default login instead.

The sample User login and passwords are the same for any evaluation so before you enter or import any real world data you must change them to ensure privacy.

BizAdmin sample user for evaluation

The BizAdmin sample User has full rights to all business and management objects and is appropriate to use if you want a quick overview of all areas of AyaNova while evaluating.

The default login credentials for the AyaNova BizAdmin account is user name: BizAdmin password: BizAdmin.

Guided tours

We recommend evaluating AyaNova at first, with the sample data, before erasing it and importing or entering your own data as it's quicker and easier to get a feel for AyaNova with a full set of data available.

We have a growing collection of guided tours to help you try out features in AyaNova and get up to speed quickly.