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Default translation setting

This setting controls the default language for text displayed to users in the AyaNova user interface.

Users can choose to override this setting in their user account by choosing an another language.

It will also be used for some messages that originate at the server and are not associated with a particular user where applicable.


If no language is specified or AyaNova can't find the language specified in the database then AyaNova defaults to English translation "en".

Built in language values

In addition to user defined or customized languages, AyaNova comes with 4 "stock" languages built in and accepts a range of values for selecting the stock language. You can use the ISO two letter country code or the English name of the language or that languages own name for the language.

Valid settings:

English "en", "English"
French "fr", "French", "Français"
German "de", "German", "Deutsch"
Spanish "es", "Spanish", "Español"

Custom language values

AyaNova allows for customized languages and this setting should be the exact name of a custom translation that exists within AyaNova if not using a built in language.


AyaNova expects the language setting to be provided by a config.json property, environment variable or command line parameter named


The value specified should be a string containing one of the stock valid settings in the table above or the name of a custom translation, for example: French or AcmeWidgetsCustomTranslation

Example config.json entry

  ...other properties...

Example command line parameter


Example environment variable




export AYANOVA_DEFAULT_TRANSLATION="MyCustomTranslation"