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Backup utility "pg_dump" path setting

This setting controls where AyaNova will find the PostgreSQL pg_dump utility used for automated backups.


Default varies with installer platform but empty is valid if pg_dump utility is in the PATH.

If no override is specified AyaNova will assume the utility is on the environment PATH.


AyaNova expects the pg_dump utility path to be provided by a config.json property, environment variable or command line parameter named


The value specified should be a string containing a fully qualified file path to the pg_dump utility.

Example LINUX config.json entry

  ...other properties...
  "AYANOVA_BACKUP_PG_DUMP_PATH": "/usr/lib/postgresql/14.1/bin/"

Example WINDOWS config.json entry (Back slashes need to be doubled in config.json file or the server will fail to start)

  ...other properties...
  "AYANOVA_BACKUP_PG_DUMP_PATH": "C:\\Program Files\\PostgreSQL\\14\\bin"

Example command line parameter

ayanova.exe --AYANOVA_BACKUP_PG_DUMP_PATH="/usr/lib/postgresql/14.1/bin/" (not real)

Example environment variable


set "AYANOVA_BACKUP_PG_DUMP_PATH=C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\14\bin" (not real)


export AYANOVA_BACKUP_PG_DUMP_PATH="/usr/lib/postgresql/14.1/bin/" (not real)