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Send email extension

send email extension

The Send email extension can be used to send an email to the selected (Active) object's email address. This extension in conjunction with the data table filtering and sorting abilities allows for targetted bulk emailing to specific business objects.

Authorization Roles required

This extension is available to User's with read / write editing rights to the business object.

Supported types

This extension is available for data tables containing the following object types: Customers,Head offices, Contacts, Vendors and Users.

How to access

The Send email extension is accessed from the extensions menu item in business object data tables.

How the Send email extension works

Compose a message and start the job. AyaNova will attempt to send the message to the email address set for all selected objects with a small delay between each to avoid overloading your email server. Objects that are not set to Active or objects without an email address will be ignored.

WARNING: This extension allows you to mass email multiple objects at a time. AyaNova will automatically add a small delay between sending each message to prevent potentially overwhelming the email server, however, there may be limits on how many emails can be sent within a given time period so be sure to check with your email service provider to avoid potentially violating anti-spam policies.