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AyaNova linux server platform upgrade

The linux server upgrade process involves replacing the AyaNova program files with the latest version and restarting the AyaNova server.

These instructions assume the original installation steps were followed without changes, if you had to make changes adjust accordingly.

Expired Maintenance plan

If you do not have an active Maintenance plan you will not be able to update.

1. Backup

Before proceeding, make a backup of the database and the attachment files and store it in a safe place.

If you do not have a fresh backup there will be no way to recover from potential data loss or damage.

2. Upgrade

Ensure all other Users are logged out of AyaNova before proceeding.

The following shell script will automatically stop the AyaNova server service, remove the old AyaNova files, download and unzip the latest AyaNova files then start the server service.

Run the following shell commands:

cd /var/ayanova && \
sudo systemctl stop ayanova.service && \
sudo curl -O && \
sudo rm *.dll && \
sudo rm -r ./resource && \
sudo rm -r ./wwwroot && \
sudo unzip -o -x "config.json" && \
sudo systemctl start ayanova.service

If there is an issue or error break apart the commands and execute each one individually to find the error.

AyaNova should restart on it's own and perform any database schema updates if required automatically.

Open the login form in your browser and after a short delay you should see the new version number at the bottom of the login form.