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Reporting timeout warning

Rendering reports is the single most demanding task that the AyaNova server performs involving a significant amount of memory and cpu cycles for the AyaNova server and also the database server.

In order to not overload the server host computer and ensure availability of the server for all users there is a configuration setting limit: AYANOVA_REPORT_RENDERING_TIMEOUT to the number of minutes that a report can take to render.

What causes a timeout

The time it takes to render a report can vary depending on the report template design itself and the data that must be gathered to go into it.

For example, a simple list of Customers and their contact phone numbers can take a lot less time than a work order report that involves a significant amount of data for each individual work order. You may be able to render a thousand Customers in a simple contact list report in the time it takes to render 100 Work orders in a dispatching report (for example, not actual).

"Deep" objects with a large hiearchy of collections such as Work orders, Quotes and PM reports will take significantly longer to process than relatively "shallow" objects such as Projects.

What to do when you get a timeout

If you unexpectedly see this message you should report it to the person responsible for AyaNova server operations as it may indicate the server is running out of resources or a setting needs to be adjusted.

You can work around this issue by using filters to limit the number of records that need to be processed. For example instead of reporting on a several year's worth of data, add a filter on your data table to limit individual reports by year and run each separately.