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AyaNova Windows installation

Choose how AyaNova will be used for specific Windows installation instructions. Note that it's possible to switch to an alternative configuration via backup and restore if needs change later however if there is a possibility that AyaNova will be accessed from the internet it's recommended to install as an IIS hosted application.

Single user installation

This type of install is appropriate for using AyaNova locally on a single personal computer only. This type of installation is not appropriate for sharing with multiple users.

Single user install guide

Shared multiple user installation

When more than one user will be accessing AyaNova it can be set up in two different ways on a Windows server.

Local area network

AyaNova server running alone and access directly by users within a local office network.

This type of install is appropriate for use within a local area network only. It is not suitable for sharing with outside users from the Internet.


  • Simpler to install
  • Does not require IIS


  • Server Windows computer must be kept logged in to run AyaNova server as a desktop application
  • AyaNova server application will not automatically restart if it's closed on the desktop
  • Not suitable for sharing with users / Customers outside the local area network via the internet

Local area network install guide

AyaNova hosted via Microsoft Internet Information Server that is included with most editions of Windows.

This type of install is the most future proof and appropriate for users who access AyaNova from the Internet in addition to local users accessing via a local area network.


  • IIS manages AyaNova and ensures it stays running and will restart if necessary
  • Secured via IIS for remote users and optionally Customers on the Internet
  • Can use an SSL certificate in IIS which ensures all communications are encrypted between remote users and the AyaNova server
  • A true server configuration; IIS server will start AyaNova automatically without the need to login to Windows


  • Requires IIS to be enabled in Windows and some manual steps to configure IIS to use AyaNova

IIS hosted AyaNova server install guide

Off-premise Windows hosting

If a Windows hosting provider with shell access will be used follow the Internet access via IIS install guide guide.

(note that a Linux hosting provider with shell access can also be used; there is no practical difference from an end user standpoint between Linux or Windows hosted AyaNova)