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AyaNova server operations guide

This guide is an overview of the technical aspects of AyaNova for a server operations manager. Be sure to read through to the bottom for the guidance in ongoing maintenance of the AyaNova server to ensure smooth operation, privacy and data protection.

For Business administration and setting things up from a business perspective, we have a Getting started - Set up for production use step in our Getting started guided tour.

AyaNova system architecture

AyaNova is a client / server application split between the AyaNova API web server and a responsive web application that provides the AyaNova user interface.

AyaNova server

The AyaNova server is built upon the ASP.NET Core framework which is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for web applications allowing the AyaNova server to run on multiple operating systems include Windows and Linux.


AyaNova uses the PostgreSQL database server exclusively. "PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance." - from the PostgreSQL web site.

PostgreSQL can be run on multiple operating systems and platforms including Linux or Windows.

AyaNova client

The "front end" of AyaNova also known as the "client" is the user interface for AyaNova. The AyaNova client is a responsive web application. "Responsive" refers to the applications ability to adapt to the device being used and it's screen dimensions. Any device on any platform, desktop or mobile, can be used with AyaNova provided it has a modern web browser with Javascript enabled.


AyaNova supports many configurations from single user on a single computer, multiple office users on a local area network to large corporate scenarios where AyaNova is accessed globally from the internet.

AyaNova server can be installed on many platforms including a single computer for private use, on-premise with a office network server or hosted on a 3rd party internet hosting provider.

The installation guide is the starting point for installing the AyaNova server to meet specific needs.


The configuration guide is a reference to all the operational settings related to booting the AyaNova server and adjusting how it operates.


If the AyaNova notification system is used and outgoing notifications via SMTP are desired then the SMTP mail server notification settings will need to be configured by the server Operations role.


The maintenance guide is a reference to important maintenance tasks for the person responsible for keeping AyaNova server running and data secured and protected from loss.