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A Review in AyaNova is a scheduled appointment to follow-up on a specific AyaNova business object. Reviews can be self created for a User for themselves or created by a supervisor and assigned to other Users. Reviews are not private in AyaNova, any supervisory role can see any user's reviews

All core AyaNova business objects can be selected for review.

There are many uses for this feature, here are a few examples:

  • A service tech could self-assign a review on a customer's unit that they just serviced to follow up in a month and confirm the unit is still operating correctly.

  • A review may be placed on a service work order and assigned to a sales account manager to follow up with a Customer in a week to check how satisified they were with the service and see if there are any follow up work they might need

  • A review could be placed on a Service rate and assigned to a business administrator to follow up in a year to see if the rate needs to be changed

Reviews are similar to Reminders however a Review only has a review date no stop date and is connected to a specific AyaNova object for follow up related to that object. A review also has a completed feature to log the date and time and results of completing the review.

A reminder is not connected to any particular object, can only be self-assigned, has no concept of "completed" and covers an arbitrary time period.

Authorization Roles required

Personal (assigned to self) reviews are available to all staff (non Customer contact) users.

Users with supervisory roles can see all reviews in their Home -> Reviews data table and assign to other users.

Supervisory roles are:

  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Inventory
  • Service manager
  • Sales

How to access reviews

Reviews are accessed in the following ways:

  • From the Home navigation drawer Reviews item to open the Reviews data table
  • From the Home -> Schedule schedule form where reviews are displayed if they are assigned to the logged in user only

How reviews work


Reviews are part of the AyaNova notification system and the Review imminent type notification allows for being notified in advance of an upcoming review event. Use this system if you want to be alerted in advance about an upcoming review.

Notifications can be filtered by tags so you can set up a tagged filter for a notification about reviews that (for example) are tagged with "notify-me" or "important" only. Reviews that do not need a notification can be left untagged. In this way you can easily control which reviews get notified and which do not.

Reviews data table

The Reviews data table lists all the reviews available and access to data table common menu options.

If the current user has a Supervisory role they will see all reviews including their own in the data table and can create and assign reviews to any other user. This is the only location where all reviews are visible and available for editing.

Review edit form

The Review edit form has the standard edit form functionality and the following fields:

Assigned to

Required field to select the User who will complete the review process. The user selected here will see the review in their Home -> Reviews data table form.

Assigned by

This field is read-only and automatically set to the User who creates the review.


The required "Title" of the review, this field is displayed in the schedule form and in notifications. Put the main topic of the review here.

Review date

This is the required date and time the review must take place. A review displays in the personal schedule of the assigned user at the date and time. Reviews always display as a 15 minute long event as there is only one date and time for a review.

The Review date is also used for review notifications.


Notes is an optional field for entering more details about the review. Notes do not display in the schedule form, only the Name field so the review needs to be opened to view Notes.

Completion date

Date and time a review has been completed.

Once a review has it's completed date set and saved it will cancel any impending overdue notifications for it that haven't been sent yet.

Completion notes

Optional notes regarding the status of the follow up review.


Optional tags to categorize reviews and control notification filtering.


Optional wiki control.

Attached files

Optional attachments control.